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Joke Lanz / Sudden Infant Interview

Full Interview with Joke Lanz about his beginnings in the Punk scene in Switzerland in the 1980s, the birth of his son and the early years of the Sudden Infant project and Schimpfluch Gruppe. From Punk to Noise to Actionism, the human voice as expression and instrument, extensive touring and eventually a turn back towards a more rock oriented format in the latest incarnation of Sudden Infant as a noise rock band.

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sansculotte Interview about Breakcore Visuals and Parties in Berlin – Full Transcript

Sansculotte are a collective working in graphics, multimedia and animation who are closely involved with the development of breakcore in Berlin and made many contributions to Praxis and Datacide. This interview was conducted by Christoph Fringeli and linxi in Summer 2022. Excerpts were featured in The Molehill Report #8 in August 2022 and the full version was uploaded to the Noise & Politics YouTube channel 15-03-2023.

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The Molehill Report #1 – January 2022

THE MOLEHILL REPORT, a monthly video newsletter by Praxis Records and Datacide, explores the realms of experimental electronic music, cultural subversion, and political discourse. This first episode from January 2022 features Christoph Fringeli, delving into Praxis’ history and presenting Riccardo Balli’s book ‘Sbrang Gabba Gang’, a fusion of Futurism and Gabber culture.

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Controlled Weirdness: You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties on YouTube.

You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a Different Time is the title of an article CW wrote for Datacide Ten in 2008.

In November 2021 we sat down with hin and talked about the topics covered in the article and more: Underground clubs and warehouse parties in London in the early to mid 1980s, charting a hidden history of going out, DJing, electro, the rise of house music and the acid house phenomenon.

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