The Molehill Report

The Molehill Report #1 – January 2022

The Molehill Report was announced as ‘A new monthly video newsletter covering activities, ideas and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects. This first episode was posted to the Praxis Records YouTube channel on January 30, 2022.
Presented by Praxis founder and Datacide editor Christoph Fringeli with new topics and guests every month.

January 2022: An introduction to The Molehill Report; A presentation of Riccardo Balli’s book ‘Sbrang Gabba Gang’.

The Molehill Report presents: News, Reviews, Interviews
Music playing: DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli: Something Violent from Praxis U.S.A. (Deadly Systems, DS007, 2000)

Christoph Fringeli: It’s almost exactly 30 years ago that i moved to London and started Praxis records. It took almost a year for the first releases to come out which was the Scaremonger EP by myself and the Knee-jerk Reaction EP by Bourbonese Qualk.

Video excerpt: Bourbonese Qualk live at 121 Centre in 1993.
Music playing: Bourbonese Qualk: Digital Domain from Knee-jerk Reaction EP (Praxis 2, 1992)

CF: The Molehill Report is in the next months going to explore a little bit the past present and future of not just Praxis and its associated projects such as Datacide – the magazine for noise and politics and Molehill as a avenue for book projects, we’ll also be looking at cultural impacts and ideas to do with experimental electronic music, cultural subversion, political, historical perspectives.

The format is meant to be a short and sweet, five-six minute program about once a month, and then we’ll have spin spin-off things like in-depth interviews, live recordings, videos, a lot of music uploads and and so on.

Music playing: Slaughter Politics: Stammheim from Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21, 1999)

CF: Our guest in this month’s show is Riccardo Balli presenting his book Sbrang Gabba Gang

Music playing: Neuroviolence: Il Futurismo (unreleased 1995)

Riccardo Balli: Movement that digs velocity, movements that worship war, movement that have been accused of being fascist – Sbrang Gabba Gang is the sound two cultural movements crashing it into each other at breakneck speed! What happens when Futurism – Italy’s first historical avant-garde – crashes into Gabber, a belligerent strain of hardcore techno and Holland’s first youth subculture?

In Sbrang Gabba Gang you will be introduced to the strange habit of setting up human pyramids at gabber raves, you will be introduced to futurist aftershave cocktails and you will be introduced to Piero Cannata, the art vandal, the man who took his hammer to Michelangelo’s David’s toes.

In Sbrang Gabba Gang I explore the parallels between the futurist and gabber ideas by means of personal accounts, by means of literary mashup of futurist manifestos and by a storyline following the vandalistic shenanigans of a gabber-futurist posse consisting of “Dominator” Marinetti, Luigi “Thunderdome” Folgore, Luigi “Holy Noise” Russolo, Giacomo Balla Balli.

These ideas came further into life in a series of anaglyph images to be explored with the green and magenta 3d glasses attached to each volume.

CF: Thank you for watching the first edition of the Molehill Report check out the links in the description and subscribe to the channel!
…oh it’s the recording oh fuck…

Music outro from “Something Violent”


Music credits:
DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli: Something Violent [from: Praxis USA, Deadly Systems 007, 1999]
Bourbonese Qualk: Digital Domain [from: Knee-Jerk Reaction, Praxis 2, 1992]
Slaughter Politics: Stammheim [from: Slaughter Politics, Praxis 21, 1999]
Neuroviolence: Il Futurismo [unreleased, recorded 1995]


Riccardo Balli’s book ‘Sbrang Gabba Gang’ is available HERE (english edition)

Praxis web site:

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales):

Thanks to Lynxy, Jason, and Riccardo

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