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Super Subscription for EUR 100.00. This subscription covers music and print! You are sent all issues of datacide, the almanac, related books, and all Praxis and related record releases for two years and at least up to the retail value of at least 120 euro (so if not enough releases come out, the subscription will automatically last longer), all including free shipping. Also includes catalog mail-outs, digital versions and exclusive downloads. Don’t forget to include shipping address!

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For more details of what exactly we need money for right now as well as other payment option, scroll down this page.

Don’t have paypal or don’t want to use Donorbox? No problem! Either write to info (at) datacide-magazine (dot) com and we’ll supply you with the bank details, or go to the datacide/praxis section in the Praxis Online shop and order through there!

Want to donate crypto? We have wallets in BTC, ETH, DOT, SOL, ADA, BAT and more – write to info (at) for the address(es)!



September 2023: Printing of datacide nineteen. We need copies to take to Rome to the Hekate party on October 6/7 and to the Radical Bookfair in London on November 4, as well as – of course – to send copies to the subscribers and the most important shops. 200 copies would be a good amount to start and costs ca. 460 euros to print.

October 2023: Printing of another 50 of the EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS compilation of the first 10 issues of Datacide will cost almost exactly the same as 200 magazines, €460. The books is completely sold out and we already have several orders, so this needs to be done soon!

November 2023: Almanac for noise & politics Volume 3. The third of the almanac series has been in the works for years and has been practically ready to print for a while. To start with just 100 copies will cost us €332. Yes the small format is more expensive to print (in small numbers) than the A4.

November/December 2023 – more copies of Datacide 19. By this point we probably (hopefully) need at least another 200 copies, so another €460.

We have several other book projects in the pipeline, of which a “prequel” to EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS containing the two issues of Alien Underground and other documents from the period of ca. 1992-96 is currently the most developed. To start with just 100 copies will roughly cost €600.

While some of these costs will be covered by sales, it is obvious that we need additional funds to avoid chronic delays which are entirely unnecessary.

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