Alien Underground 0.1


Release Date: Spring 1995. 32 pages

The Institute of Fatuous Times: We Are Invisible! Dead By Dawn on 3rd December 1994 Club Review
Joel Amaretto: Germany Scene Report
DJ Jackal: Communique #2
Alien Underground: The Mover: Earth-Year 2017 Interview
Neil: All that Jazz
DJ Deadly Buda: In Search of Morph (Morphing Culture Pt. 2)
Fight the Imperial Forces: Force Inc./Riot Beats/Mille Plateaux Interview
Michel Comte: In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni: Guy Debord Obituary
Matthew Fuller: Intelligence Is No Longer on the Side of Power: Interview with Sadie Plant
Alec Empire: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Long Live the Underground!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A Fax from Alec Empire)
London Psychogeographical Association: Diatribe on the Digital Revolution
Association of Autonomous Astronauts: AAA Action Update!
TechNET: Elements Toward TechNET Track 3
Record Reviews
DJ Charts
DJ Ambidextrous: Ambidextrous Neuropraxia
The Sentinel Reload Interview
Flint Michigan: Arthur Kroker and Michael Weinsten: Data Trash (Book Review)
All Abord the Fantasy Spaceship [Microphone Fiends: youth music and youth culture, ed. Andrew Ross and Tricia Rose (Routledge, 1994)] (Book Review)
Matthew Fuller: Lance Olsen. Tonguing the Zeitgeist (Permanent Press) (Book Review)
Howard Slater: Raoul Vaneigem: Movement of the Free Spirit (Book Review)
Paranoia Vol. 2, No. 2, Issue 5 (Press Review)
Felix Rodriquez and Howard Hunt: Autonomous Print Creations-Some Reviews

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