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"Action Update" by the (then) recently founded Association of Autonomous Astronauts printed in Alien Underground 0.1, London 1995: We have declared that governments are incapable of organising successful space exploration programs. Whilst the world was set alight twenty-five years ago by the dream of space travel, what has happened since…
  • Book review: Microphone Fiends: youth music and youth culture, ed. Andrew Ross and Tricia Rose (Routledge, 1994) Published in Alien Underground 0.1, 1995 "The rave, techno, and ambient club scenes are complex social spaces, part extension of high school, part fantasy spaceship, ravers either squatting in circles like nomadic travellers…
  • DATA TRASH Arthur Kroker & Michael Weinstein [New World Perspectives - Montreal 1994] (Review published in Alien Underground 0.1, 1995) "Take your choice: The VR Helmet or the disciplinary state" This book is part of an on-going series of texts that Arthur Kroker has been involved in since the late…
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