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Datacide Authors and Contributors


  • All That Is Solid … [Look what A Very Public Sociologist melted into…]
  • Bob from Brockley [Solidarity with democratic revolutions worldwide | South London subcultural arcana | unearthing political confusionism | triangulating two-state, one-state and no-state solutions | critical diaspora culture | anti-antisemitism | Sylvia Pankhurst, Hannah Arendt, Bayard Rustin and W.E.B. Du Bois | dub, grime, country, soul and blues]
  • Harry’s Place [Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear]
  • Tendance Coatesy [Left activism, the labour movement, internationalism, and socialist theory]


  • On the History of the Communist Left [Resource with countless links to documents regarding the history of the Communist Left, formerly ‘„Left Wing“ Communism – An Infantile Disorder?’]
  • Endnotes [Endnotes is primarily oriented towards conceptualising the conditions of possibility of a communist overcoming of the capitalist mode of production—and of the multiple structures of domination which pattern societies characterised by that mode of production—starting from present conditions]
  • Libcom [a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, communities and working conditions.]
  • A New Institute for Social Researchtoward a ruthless critique of all that exists
  • Ni Patrie, ni frontières [Paris based site of translations and debates, mostly in French]

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