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Far-right Compact Magazine Banned

Today, the interior minster of Germany banned the far-right Compact Magazine in an unusual step.
Edited by former leftist Jürgen Elsässer and employing a clever multi-media strategy, it had become the most popular of an array of far-right publications seeking an “overthrow of the regime”.

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“Long Live Death!” – On Pasolini’s Salò (2024)

This text on Pasolini’s Salò first appeared something like 25 years ago in Datacide No.6. It was part of a sequence of texts on cinema which began with a piece on Alan Pakula’s Parallax View and ended in a text on Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.
Here Howard Slater returns to and revives his psycho-social analysis of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s last film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom.

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2024Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016

Almanac for Noise & Politics – Volume Two out now as eBook

The second Almanac – print edition from 2016 – appears as a eBook today. Topics covered in this issue are Nomex – including an appraisal of his life by Jo Burzynska, an interview with John Eden and an extensive discography of his works and his label Adverse. You find two articles for a critique of the left – from the left. A look at far right transversal strategies in Neofolk and Martial Industrial, and a look back on the Vision label 1986-1992.

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2024Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016Record Reviews

Nomex & Adverse Discography

Updated version of the Nomex and Adverse Records discography originally from the Almanac for Noise & Politics Volume Two (2016). It includes Nomex’s releases on his own Adverse label, partially based on the now-defunct Adverse website, the Maschinenbau 7″s, the releases on Praxis and other essential noise and concept-core.

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2024The Molehill Report

The Molehill Report #13 – January 2024

January 2024: We present the new print edition of Datacide – Magazine for Noise & Politics, show someexcerpts from an extensive interview with Stewart Home about his early years, his book The Assault on Culture and the Art Strike 1990-1993, as well as updates with some other developments at Datacide and Noise & Politics.

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20152024Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015

Almanac for Noise & Politics – Volume One out now as eBook

The Almanac was originally released around nine years ago as an A6-sized pocket book with the title ‘Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015’. It combines classic and key texts from Datacide and Praxis and serves both as an introduction and as a practical vademecum. Now also as a DRM-free pdf eBook!

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