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– The Molehill Report, our monthly short video newsletter/magazine which features excerpts from longer videos, news and reviews.

– Besides the monthly report the channel features exclusive full length interviews. So far we’ve featured full length interviews with

  • London DJ, producer and podcaster Controlled Weirdness
  • Peter Votava about his musical projects such as Pure/Current 909/Ilsa Gold
  • Berlin based graphic design collective sansculotte,
  • Joke Lanz, aka Sudden Infant, and
  • Dan Hekate and sound system history, music and movie making. There’s more to come!

– videos of live performances. So far we featured

  • Bombhead
  • C_C
  • Dan Hekate
  • Joke Lanz
  • Les Trolls
  • Memero
  • Messias
  • Munsha
  • Pro-Vocation
  • Verónica Cerrotta – and there are many more to come!

– Video versions of datacide articles and book reviews, read by the authors.

– Moreover there are music videos and trailers by Praxis artists and friends.

– In addition the channel also hosts audio uploads of Praxis and Sub/Version releases, hence becoming a resource featuring many releases of the labels.

– And last but not least you’ll find excellent DJ sets, mixes and live sets… both new ones and some from the archives.

… and many more topics concerned with Noise & Politics in the past, present and future!

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