Mark Angelo Harrison about Spiral Tribe and Free Party History (Datacide Conference Berlin 2013)

Mark Angelo Harrison speaking on Spiral Tribe and Free Parties History at Datacide Conference 2013 in Berlin. A historical overview over the early festivals, the Battle of the Beanfield, Foundation of the Spiral Tribe Sound System, Castlemorton, the famous court case, and further adventures in Berlin and at Teknival. Questions asked by Christoph Fringeli

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EARTH ‘A RUN RED: Impressionistic notes on Pierre Guyotat’s ‘Tomb for 500,000 Soldiers’

The intense novels of Pierre Guyotat, from Tomb for 500,00 Soldiers to the banned Eden Eden Eden, are a challenging read that draw upon his witnessing the atrocities of the Algerian Civil War. Here, Howard Slater, instead of attempting an impossible exegesis, offers a readers-report, an impressionistic mélange, of the latter novel, first published in France in 1967 and translated into English by Creation Books in 2003.

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