2016Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016

Nomex: A Life in Full Frequency

When selecting an alias for his artistic persona, Paul Kidd chose the name of the flame resistant material, Nomex. A protective shield suggesting indestructability, it appeared an apt moniker for someone who liked to “keep it cryptic” and push the limits of both his art and in his own life with an intense fervour. For those of us who knew the man behind the name, that this great force has been extinguished is hard to comprehend. However, his music endures.

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Sincere Genesis – On Félix Guattari & Groups

For a left that rejects the party-form and in times in which the ‘soviet’ model of workers councils became less viable, the question of organization has proved problematic. Guattari, a life-long member of militant groups from the 60s onwards, never failed to address this issue of how we can ‘belong together’. This short text offers the rudiments of Guattari’s response as informed by his work as a maverick psychoanalyst and his ideas of a micro-politics that upsets long-held views of what it is to be an ‘individual.’

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