Alien Underground 0.0


Release Date: November-December 1994. 20 pages.

Against the Criminal Justice Bill
Alien Underground: Sähkö Recordings Interview
Deadly Buda: The Morphing Culture
DJ Jackal: Wanna Be a Gangsta?
Record Reviews
DJ Charts
Alien Underground: Digital Hardcore Questionnaire with Alec Empire, plus record reviews by CF
Praxis: Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise
Freedom is Slavery: The Rules of Propaganda
DJ Jackal: Communique #1
London Psychogeographical Society: Belief is the Enemy
Bruce Sterling: The Hacker Crackdown (Book Review)
Flint Michigan: Critical Arts Ensemble: The Electronic Disturbance (Autonomedia, 1994) (Book Review)
Unnatural: Techno-Theory for a Contaminated Culture, Edited by Matthew Fuller (Book Review)
Total Volume 2: The Body, Edited by Robert H. King (Book Review)

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  • 1 N // Nov 8, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Does anyone knwo if these particular issues (Alien Underground) have been archived anywhere? I’m looking into finding them for a research project.


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