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Joke Lanz / Sudden Infant Interview

Full Interview with Joke Lanz about his beginnings in the Punk scene in Switzerland in the 1980s, the birth of his son and the early years of the Sudden Infant project and Schimpfluch Gruppe. From Punk to Noise to Actionism, the human voice as expression and instrument, extensive touring and eventually a turn back towards a more rock oriented format in the latest incarnation of Sudden Infant as a noise rock band.

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Hundsteinweg – Text of Spoken Word performance by Joke Lanz

The text of a spoken word performance by Joke Lanz (of Sudden Infant fame), originally performed at a Datacide event in 2018 in Berlin, explores autobiographical impressions combined with poetry and sound.

Here you’ll find the full text, with embedded video of the performance and an exclusive collage by Joke Lanz.

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2023Datacide 19

Datacide Nineteen Coming Out in October/November 2023

Announcement for the release of the 19th print edition of Datacide. We present it at the Hekate Soundsystem party weekend in Rome for the first time in early October, present a stall at the London Radical bookfair in November.

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Datacide Talk/Performance/Discussion with Joke Lanz & Christoph Fringeli at Vétomat Berlin 17.12.2018

Event announcement of a two part presentation of talks and spoken word, featuring
Christoph Fringeli: The Situationist International as World Cultural Heritage? A critique of the historicisation of a revolutionary group.
Joke Lanz: Spoken Word Performance

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