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The Molehill Report #10 – December 2022

In episode 10 of The Molehill Report – the video newsletter/magazine of our Noise & Politics YouTube channel – Christoph Fringeli looks back at the early days of Praxis Records, the label he started in 1992 in London. He traces the mutations of the label as well as the environment it launched and continues to launch its musical interventions.

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The Molehill Report #1 – January 2022

THE MOLEHILL REPORT, a monthly video newsletter by Praxis Records and Datacide, explores the realms of experimental electronic music, cultural subversion, and political discourse. This first episode from January 2022 features Christoph Fringeli, delving into Praxis’ history and presenting Riccardo Balli’s book ‘Sbrang Gabba Gang’, a fusion of Futurism and Gabber culture.

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