Datacide Nineteen

Datacide Nineteen

Release date November 4, 2023

  • Editorial
  • Political News compiled by Nemeton
  • Neil Transpontine: South London is Still Anti-Fascist
  • Howard Slater: The Electronic Disturbance Zone Pt. 1
  • Document: Partisan Nr.1 – Vietnam, the Third World and the Self-Deception of the Left. Introduction by Christoph Fringeli
  • Ian Trowell: Industrial Music for Industrial People – Throbbing Gristle [Print edition only for the time being!]
  • Nihil Fist Interview
  • Joke Lanz – Hundsteinweg. Text of Spoken Word Performance
  • Dan Moss: Distant Sky. Short Story
  • Howard Slater: The Séance Continues I
  • Francesco Fusaro: Unique Forms of Continuity in Hakken – Riccardo Balli’s Sbrang Gabba Gang
  • DJ Balli: HUMAN PYRAMID 3 + 3+ 3
  • Neil Transpontine: Party Lines – Dance Music and the Making of Modern Britain by Ed Gillett (Book Review)
  • Record Reviews by Low Entropy
  • Record Reviews by Nemeton
  • Record Reviews by Christoph Fringeli
  • Christoph Fringeli: Activities since last Issue
  • DJ Charts
  • Overdosed by sansculotte
  • Graphics and illustrations by Saxenhammer, Luke Hekate, lesekill, Zombieflesheater

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