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The Molehill Report #3 – March 2022

The Molehill Report #3 – Pure Interview, Praxis Youtube is now Noise & Politics, Datacide 11 Reprint – YouTube

March 2022: In the Molehill Report #3, we announce that the Praxis YouTube channel is merging with Datacide to become Noise & Politics. The reprint of Datacide 11 is back from the printers, making an important issue available again, and as we’re waiting for the limited repress of Praxis 26 to arrive from the pressing plant, we talk to the artist, Peter Votava a.k.a. Pure, about some techno history from Vienna to Berlin and his projects from Current 909 to Ilsa Gold.


Christoph Fringeli: Welcome to the third edition of the Molehill Report. As you may have noticed we renamed our YouTube channel from Praxis to Noise & Politics. The reason for this is to merge the Praxis channel with Datacide, as well as to expand the scope of the channel beyond the activities of the label.

Music playing: Amboss : Vision Two [from: Vision, Praxis 53, 2014]

CF: Just in from the printers is a reprint of Datacide 11. Originally from 2011, this has been carefully re-edited, re-layed – out all the original content is in there of course. 

The next vinyl release on praxis is also about to come from the pressing plant. We expect it in the second half of April, it’s a limited repress of Praxis 26 by Pure. 

Music playing: Pure: King Kong (Praxis 26, 1999/2022)

CF: It’s so to speak the third in the trilogy of re-presses of records that we still had the metal plates available, which is the case only with a very small section of the Praxis back catalogue, unfortunately. This brings the series of represses to an end for the time being, and focus will shift to new releases this year. 

Unfortunately, as you may have heard, the production times for vinyl are ridiculously slow at the moment so we will have some time to wait, but I should be able to drop some hints in the next Molehill Reports about what’s in store… and to bridge the time also there will be a few digital releases throughout the year. 

Our guest this month is Peter Votava aka DJ Pure aka Current 909 also one half of Ilsa Gold. 

We sat down with him in Berlin at the end of last year and talked techno history. 

On early days in Vienna

Peter Votava: I come from 80s new wave industrial music and so my my connection to any kind of electronically produced dance music before techno simply didn’t exist. So i had no connect or contacts to any club or party dance culture before, and when I started making parties, there were no other parties, so it was me and four or five other people who started making techno parties in Vienna in 91. 

Loop Records

PV: Yeah – and then I started my own label Loop Records which was actually all releases of me working with someone else, which were usually guests at my parties or artists that I booked for Loop parties.

From Vienna to Berlin

PV: I wanted to leave Vienna already for many years before before i finally did in 2004, and I was undecided where to go, but i used to live in Berlin in the 80s for one year, and in the early 2000s I had actually really many friends already in Berlin, and then at one point I thought it’s actually the the natural decision to move to Berlin. It was, at least back then anyway, probably the most exciting city when it comes to music – or maybe it still is, i don’t know – and it was just much more lively and chaotic and everything. Everything that Vienna is not.

Ilsa Gold

PV: People hated us! Every serious techno producer back then fucking hated us! For being funny, for making fun of things, for being successful, for playing all the big raves in Germany that the others didn’t play… and all that without even doing anything to make this happen! 

We had no promotion, no manager and no booker, nothing like this, it all just happened…

Watch the full interview on our channel! 

CF: …and that’s it for this month’s small hill reports i’m super excited to go to Lyon this weekend to the 25th anniversary of Hekate sound system be playing Psychic Defence and solo both Linxi and I, and I’ll be doing a talk as well based on an article in Datacide 11, Hedonism and Revolution, and we’ll give you a report how it went in the next Molehill Report… until then…

noise from King Kong fades out


Production at Psychic Defence Studios by CF and Lynxy. Thanks to Peter Votava and all the datacide contributors.

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