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The Molehill Report #2 – February 2022

February 2022 – Controlled Weirdness Pt. 1; Cortex digital release on Praxis

February 2022: We’re presenting the new digital release on Praxis by Cortex, show a short excerpt from an interview with Neil Keating aka DJ Controlled Weirdness covering the topics of his article “You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a Different Time” from Datacide 10, and show the trailer for the upcoming 25th anniversary party of Hekate Soundsystem in Lyon.

This second episode of The Molehill Report, posted on the Praxis YouTube channel on February 25, 2022.

Christoph Fringeli: Welcome to the second edition of the Molehill Report!

We’ve got news reviews interviews to do with Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine and other associated projects.

Music playing: Noface – Love or Kill (Praxis 6, 1993)

We’ve got a new release on Praxis, it’s in the digital series, it’s by Cortex and it’s called Beware of the Arm of Flesh.

Video playing: Cortex live 2011

Cortex was founded in 1999 by Alex and Daniel Buess. Cortex’s music is symphonic multi-layered both mechanical and organic. Important components are live electronic strategies, studio productions for film music and sound design.
For the live show at the JOLT Festival in Basel on November 11, 2011, Cortex teamed up with Damien Bennett on bass and with Australian body and performance artist Stelarc, creating a unique constellation documented on this album and also on the live video.

Our guest this month is Neil Keating aka DJ Controlled Weirdness. Neil has been active since the 1980s in his native South London and well beyond as a DJ and producer on his own labels Unearthly and Presence Unknown as well as labels such as Audio Illusion Recordings, FDB and more recently Marginal Returns.
For Datacide 10 he wrote an article titled You’re too Young to Remember the 80s – Dancing in a Different Time recounting his experiences about the clubs and early warehouse parties in London. This piece has become the most read article on our website so we thought it would make a good beginning for a series of video and audio versions of Datacide articles…

Music playing: Controlled Weirdness: Ghosts Of The Heygate [from Presence Unknown 003, 2020]

Neil Keating aka Controlled Weirdness: Hanging out making friends, you start hearing about these things… There’s a pub in this in this in center of Soho in Cambridge Circus which is well it’s just where Shaftesbury Avenue meets Charing Cross Road.

That was a good meeting point on the Saturday night, so a lot of people on the scene would go there drinking on a Saturday night. So you’d go in there Saturday evening and there’d be people in there and sometimes you’d literally get the name of a place written down on a piece of paper, or people tell you where the location was, you know. Like this the word would go around.

You’d go down find the warehouse. Normally five pounds to get in. Everywhere from I guess, pretty much from London Bridge, Blackfriars, Waterloo, there’s a whole suave, if you like, even where the Tate Modern is now and stuff like that…
All them bits, there’s loads of empty warehouses, it was still undeveloped, it was still definitely quiet…
So you literally were going down empty streets and then yeah you’d hear some music. Pay five quid to get in and yeah there was no dress restrictions you know yeah yeah unlike a lot of clubs no no color restrictions yeah so yeah so they’d be a lot more mixed up if you like yeah

CF: Check out the full version where Neil talks in detail about the club scene in the early to mid 80s in London, the early warehouse parties, the electro sound, Goth, New Romantics early house music the link is in the description.

It’s not only 30 years Praxis this year, 25 years of Datacide and Sub/Version if you will, also Hekate Sound System is turning 25 and a first celebration will be in Lyon on March 25th and 26th [2022] here’s the trailer:

[Video of party trailer playing]

CF: That’s it for the second edition of the Molehill Report, check the links in the description and subscribe to the channel – see you next month!

Ends with more of Noface’s ‘Love or Kill’.


Music credits:
Noface: Love or Kill [from “Burnout EP”, Praxis 6, 1993]
Cortex: The Machinic Phylum (live) [from “Beware of the Arm of Flesh, praxis_digital_01000, 2022]
Controlled Weirdness: Ghosts Of The Heygate [from Presence Unknown 003, 2020]

Full version of Cortex live, edited version by Big Rogers:

 • Cortex feat. Stelarc at JOLT TERRAINS…  
Download of the album is available here:…

Full version of Controlled Weirdness “You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties” is released on the Datacide YouTube channel.

Praxis web site:

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales):

Production at Psychic Defence Studios by CF and Lynxy.
Thanks to Controlled Weirdness, Alex Buess & Big Rogers, Dan Hekate.

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