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The Molehill Report #4 – April 2022

The Molehill Report #4 – Hekate Sound System Anniversary; Future is Cancelled T-Shirt – YouTube

April 2022: We’re back from the – for us – first major event this year, the 25th Anniversary of Hekate Sound System that took place in Lyon, March 25/26 [2022], and brought back some nice footage, some of which we share here. We have a new T-Shirt available: The Future is Cancelled. Design by Tóng Zhì. Available now (link below). We’d like to hear from you what you would like to see on our Noise & Politics channel. Let us know in the comments!

Christoph Fringeli: Welcome to episode 4 of the Molehill Report. As promised last time we bring you some footage from the Hekate 25th anniversary party in Lyon, which took place on March 25th and 26th [2022].

Music playing: The Wirebug :  Instruments Need More Than Just Platonic Love [from: The Uncontrollable H Disease, Praxis 28, 2001]

Then excerpts of live videos of the shows by C_C, The Wirebug, and Psychic Defence are shown.

CF: Hekate sound system has been one of the few sound systems playing harsh and experimental noisy music and breaks at free parties and Teknivals. Sometimes they were even the only one. Hekate and Praxis have been close allies since the earliest beginnings and have collaborated, not only both on releases and events but [sound system] members have also made key contributions to Datacide, the magazine for noise & politics.

Video: Visuals by sansculotte

Music playing: H & The Jackal: Mechanical Deviance [from Praxis U.S.A., Deadly Systems 007, 2000]

Video: Les Trolls live.

Video: Excerpt from talk by Christoph Fringeli, titled “Hedonism and Revolution”: In the 90s, we at Datacide and others tried to theorize the techno scene as a possible proletarian counterculture, and I think for a moment the Techno Rave has this potential – we can discuss how that played out over the following decades – but yeah much more than in any straight political direction we saw in the possibilities of self-organization, collectivity and pursuit of pleasure in the counterculture around sound systems, anonymous white label records and illegal parties…

Video: Lynxy DJing 

CF: Available now is a new t-shirt – The Future is Canceled – based on the iconic design of the party of the same name from 2013 and the third t-shirt only in the history of Praxis spanning 30 years. It’s now available in all sizes, the link is in the description! 

This Molehill Report is a little bit late in the month a bit delayed by a Corona infection. we’ll try to be back a bit quicker in about two or three weeks from now. 

Noise & Politics, our YouTube channel, features besides the monthly Molehill Reports, video clips, trailers, live shows, longer versions of interviews, video versions of Datacide articles, audio uploads like mixes and whole life sets and so far 150 single tracks mostly from Praxis and Sub/Version releases.

What would you like to see more on the channel? Let us know in the comments and of course like & subscribe and all that – see you next time! thank you.

Additional photos of Hekate artwork by Gabi Norland.

The Future is Cancelled T-Shirt is available here:…

Praxis web site:

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales):

also check out the Blackmass Plastics mix with nice historical footage of Hekate on Dave Stitch’s youtube channel.

The Molehill Report #4 was produced at Psychic Defence Studios in April 2022 in Berlin by CF and Lynxy.

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