The Molehill Report

The Molehill Report #7 – July 2022

July 2022: We do a recap of our re:focus events since the (re-)launch in December 2021 and short video impression of each artist who played since then. Also we present the limited re-press of Pure’s Praxis 26.

Christoph Fringeli: Welcome to episode 7 of the Molehill Report!

In this episode we do a recap of our re:focus events since the (re-)launch in December 2021. A short video impression of each artist who played since then, featuring:

  • Egon Frinz
  • fgnugn
  • Pure
  • Lynxy
  • Psychic Defence
  • Christoph Fringeli
  • CRi
  • Tekamin
  • Crash 0.1
  • ZFE
  • Bombhead
  • _ OM DIGGA _
  • Memero
  • Nihil Fist
  • Messias

Music playing:
Metatron: Twisted with Hate (previously unreleased)

CF: Also this month we’re happy to present the limited repress of Praxis 26 by Pure which finally arrived from the pressing plant. It’s limited to 110 copies on special vinyl, the download code includes the whole of the Bodyhammer CD, a compilation of Pure’s industrial hardcore and acid materials from the 90s including many classic tracks.

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Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

re:focus takes place every first Thursday each month at Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 Berlin.
After a short break we’ll be back October 6, 2022!…

For updates about our events please subscribe to the re:focus Telegram channel:

Praxis 26 re-press: King Kong Pt.2/Katharsis by Pure is out now in a limited edition of 110 copies on transparent crystal with white and black splatter vinyl.

Music playing:
Pure: Katharsis [from: King Kong/Katharsis, Praxis 26, 1999/2022]

Praxis web site:

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales):

Production at Psychic Defence Studios by CF and Lynxy.
Thanks to all the artists and the staff at Lauschangriff.

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