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The Molehill Report #5 – May 2022

May 2022: We continue our discussions with Controlled Weirdness, this time about late 80s and early 90s New York City, topic of his article in datacide fourteen ‘Journeys in the Naked City – Adventures in New York Before the Rain’.

Our regular night re:focus is back on every first Thursday each month, with the next event on June 2nd at Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, Berlin-Friedrichshain. Doors open 8pm, until 2am.

The new datacide web site is online now.

Christoph Fringeli: Welcome to the fifth instalment of the Molehill Report. In this episode we continue our conversation with Controlled Weirdness this time about New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

We finally resumed our regular nights under the name re:focus at Lauschangriff in Berlin and

last but not least we’d like to invite you to have a look at the new Datacide website.

Controlled Weirdness: In New York you’d go out and there’d be prostitutes and drug dealers and sirens everywhere. So that was one of my early impressions of New York being this place where sleazy and all sorts of nefarious things were going on. At the same time I had his impression about New York from being into hip-hop and hearing about all these areas, and I remember when we first drove in the from the airport into New York seeing signs for the Bronx and Brooklyn and Queens and to me as a South London boy that seemed so exotic and so sort of glamorous.

So i had all these areas in my mind of New York as well, and I guess another part of that was the downtown art scene of New York. I was into Andy Warhol as a teenager and all that sort of scene from the Factory, the Velvet Underground and the weird arty scene in New York I was fascinated by. 

So I guess i had all these different images of New York, this home of hip-hop, home of this weird sort of art scene, home of mad drug dealers, decaying buildings…

Text: Journeys in the Naked City – Watch the full version of the interview on our channel.

CF: And finally we’ve been able to restart our monthly nights re:focus at the Lauschangriff in Rigaer Strasse 103 in Berlin – the next event will happen on June 2nd.

Video: Pure DJing at re:focus December 2, 2021.

Text: re:focus @ Lauschangriff. Check out our new regular night in Berlin, every first Thursday of the month.

CF: The new Datacide website is online it’s a long overdue redesign and there are 500 plus articles on there. Still very much a work in progress including translations into different languages, a few of them are in the works right now, we made a beginning already – and yeah: check it out!

That’s it for the fifth edition of the Molehill Report. Thanks for watching, please subscribe to the channel and I see you next month!


Watch the full interview with Controlled Weirdness:   

Controlled Weirdness original article: Journeys in the Naked City – Adventures in New York before the Rain is online here:

Praxis web site:

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales):

The Molehill Report # 5 was produced at Psychic Defence Studios in May 2022 in Berlin by CF and Lynxy.

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