2023Datacide 19

The Electronic Disturbance Zone – Part 1

Following on from a talk/listening session given at the launch for Datacide 18 at Ridley Road Social Club in February 2020, Howard Slater expanded on the theme of the Electronic Disturbance Zone in the following work in progress.

General Outline: 0. Preamble (Sonic Theory, Pierre Schaeffer, EDZ at Dead by Dawn, techno and ambient) 1. Environment Recordings (Luc Ferrari, Murray Schafer) 2. Entity music (Walter Marchetti) 3. Drone (Eliane Radigue, Roland Kayn) 4. Aural collage (John Cage, Luc Ferrari, Industrial) 5. Studio Based Electronics (Stockhausen, Bernard Parmegiani ) 6. Live Electronic Improvisation (David Tudor, Morphogenesis etc) 7. Hybrids/ Heterogeneity (decategorisation)

Part 2 of this text will appear in the next issue of Datacide and will cover Drone through to Studio Based Electronics.

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2024Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016

Almanac for Noise & Politics – Volume Two out now as eBook

The second Almanac – print edition from 2016 – appears as a eBook today. Topics covered in this issue are Nomex – including an appraisal of his life by Jo Burzynska, an interview with John Eden and an extensive discography of his works and his label Adverse. You find two articles for a critique of the left – from the left. A look at far right transversal strategies in Neofolk and Martial Industrial, and a look back on the Vision label 1986-1992.

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2024Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016Record Reviews

Nomex & Adverse Discography

Updated version of the Nomex and Adverse Records discography originally from the Almanac for Noise & Politics Volume Two (2016). It includes Nomex’s releases on his own Adverse label, partially based on the now-defunct Adverse website, the Maschinenbau 7″s, the releases on Praxis and other essential noise and concept-core.

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2016Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016

Nomex: A Life in Full Frequency

When selecting an alias for his artistic persona, Paul Kidd chose the name of the flame resistant material, Nomex. A protective shield suggesting indestructability, it appeared an apt moniker for someone who liked to “keep it cryptic” and push the limits of both his art and in his own life with an intense fervour. For those of us who knew the man behind the name, that this great force has been extinguished is hard to comprehend. However, his music endures.

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