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Mark Harrison tells Neil Transpontine about the origins of Spiral Tribe, their crucial role in formenting early 1990s free parties and teknivals, and what they did next… and are still doing

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1. Spiral Tribe, and similar sound systems brought a different energy into the post-acid house scene, it felt like their roots were less in warehouse soul and funk (like many in that scene) and more in alternative sub/counter-cultures. Echoes of 1980s free festivals, anarcho-punk squatting, maybe even Psychic TV (importance of symbols etc). In that context, can you tell us a little about how Spiral Tribe came about? What kinds of things had people been involved in before it came together?

There were as many threads that wove together to form Spiral Tribe as there were different individuals involved. There are just too many people to list here in this short article.* Many people drifted in and out, others stayed, but without them all, working together as a collective, none of it would have been possible. Having said that, in the very beginning there were just four of us who were dedicated full time to making it happen.
Debbie Griffith, aged twenty-nine at the time, was a painter and decorator and occasional nanny, who lived just off Kilburn High Road. Simone Trevelyan, who was nineteen, worked in a disco equipment hire shop in Kentish Town. My brother, Zander Harrison, twenty-seven, a tree surgeon, worked all over West London. And then myself, Mark Harrison. I too was twenty-nine and had just moved down to London from Manchester where I’d lived for five years. Much of that time (if not all of it) I’d spent in the Hacienda and so I was at ground zero that Wednesday night when Acid House and ecstasy were unleashed. The world was never the same again. Xanax Mastercard

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Shut Up and Dance’s 1991 hardcore LP ‘Dance Before the Police Come’ was released at a time when the UK authorities were struggling to contain the massive explosion of raves. Thousands of people each weekend were playing a cat and mouse game with the police to party in fields and warehouses, and if the state was often outwitted by meeting points in motorway service stations and convoys of cars, it tried to keep the lid on the phenomenon by staging high  profile raids. In 1990, for instance, an incredible 836 people were arrested at a Love Decade party in Gildersome near Leeds in the north of England.

Since then the global spread of Electronic Dance Music has generally been  accompanied by the flashing blue light, the siren, and that moment when the music is abruptly turned off and the order given to clear the building. Indeed, let’s face it, the frisson of illegality has sometimes added a pleasurable edge to partying – the thrill of overcoming official obstacles just to get there, of getting one over on the authorities. And even the most mainstream of commercial club promoters like to pose as underground outlaws because they once got told to turn the music down by a man in uniform.

But police raids are serious business – often involving arrests which can lead to imprisonment, people losing their livelihoods and, in some parts of the world, social ostracism. People get injured, beaten and sometimes even killed. This article looks at a sample of police raids in recent times to get a sense of the current state of play between cops and dancers in different parts of the world. Buying Xanax Online Reddit

Alprazolam Where To Buy

Parties continue and there are probably more producers than ever thanks to computers and free, easy-to-source software.
Overall I’d say the ‘scene’ in this country has deteriorated as the previously strong links between music and a wider culture of resistance have dissipated.
The numbers involved in ‘free’ parties have diminished and much of the initial energy and enthusiasm for autonomy and freedom has been absorbed by the mainstream and turned into hopeless consumption.
Due to ongoing gentrification and other factors squatting in ‘our culture’ has become less and turned in on itself rather than always seeking contact with an outside.
At the same time it’s important to maintain some perspective and acknowledge that the moment of free parties as a ‘mass’ popular movement has perhaps come and gone, and to concentrate on pushing ideas and expression wherever possible. Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online

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Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy

Xanax Liquid Buy, Xanax Online Order Legal

release date: February 2011. 64 pages.

Datacide events, page 3
Nemeton: Buy Xanax Strips, page 4

Christoph Fringeli: Cheap Xanax Bars, page 6
Stewart Home: Safe Xanax Online, page 8
John Eden: Buying Xanax Online Cheapest, page 12
Alexis Wolton: Buying Xanax Online Bluelight, page 16
Neil Transpontine: Where To Order Xanax Online Forum, page 21
Christoph Fringeli: Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires, page 24
Christoph Fringeli: Cheap Xanax 2Mg, page 26
Christoph Fringeli: Order Xanax Online In Usa, page 27
Nemeton: Purchasing Xanax In Mexico, page 28
R. C.: Xanax Tablets Online, page 37

Riccardo Balli: Buy Xanax Vietnam, page 40
Dan Hekate: Bluelight Xanax Online, page 45
Howard Slater: Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap, page 46
Matthew Fuller: Xanax Online Italia, page 48

Cheap Xanax From India, page 52
Matthew Fuller and Steve Goodman: Liquid Alprazolam Online, page 58
Terra Audio: “Free Parties”, page 60
Gorki Plubakter: “This is the end… the official ending”, page 61

The Lives and TImes of Bloor Schleppy (11), page 62
Charts, page 63

With 64 pages, this is the biggest issue of datacide yet!

Available now for EUR 4.00 incl. postage – order now by sending this amount via paypal to praxis(at)c8.com, or send EUR 10 for 3 issues (note that currently only issues 10 and 11 are available), but you can also pre-order future issues.