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With the expression “Audio-Philosophical Dwellings” you refer to every symbolic support of Sonic Belligerency, whatever its nature and importance. For example: a turntable with modified pitch, a record covered with bits of sellotape to indicate concrete sounds to be scratched, a particularly creative gunk and, more generally, every site in which Extraordinary Sonic Happenings (E.S.H.) favor the suspension of dominant behaviour codes. You can distinguish “permanent” audio-philosophical dwellings in which the E.S.H. is endless, and “temporary” audio-philosophical dwellings in which the E.S.H. strikes and runs away.

Below follows a mapping of the Hermetic Raves organized by dj Scaphandre, leader of the Invisible Resistance, a coalition voted to oppose reigning Audio-Valium:


Built in Edinburgh in the mid 17th century by a small group of monumental masons in connection with the “Order of the Thistle” and with the Scottish adept Alexander Seton, the Holyrood House is based on a geometric solid in the shape of an icosahedron, each carved face of which has small sundials, moondials, set into it. The icosahedron is simultaneously a multiple sundial and a real hermetic clock: from one hand it signals the hour of the day, from the other the process of vinyl manufacturing (the Great Work). When the clock face indicates 3.33 am of every 24th day of the month, the Invisible Resistance starts raging with distorted frequencies, ultra-kinetic breaks and white noize.


The Obelisk of Dammartin-sous-Tigeaux is erected on a hill in the core of the Crecy Forest (134 metres of altitude), which dominates the surroundings. Through the empty space of the streets passing by the forest, the Obelisk is clearly visible from far away. The location was not chosen randomly, as the Obelisk occupies the crossing of three roads that make it look like a six hands radiant star. It is an essential place to spot psycho-police troops determined to repress phono-heresies.


At the foot of the Pyrenees, on the border between France and Spain, lies a shoreside region called the Cote des Basques. Dominating the beaches between St. Jean de Luz in France and San Sebastian in Spain is the ancient Basque town of Hendaye. Located in the southwestern corner of the Eglise Saint Vincent (church), standing about 12 feet (3.7 meters) tall, the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye looms over the courtyard, a mysterious apparition in the clear Basque sunlight.
At first glance, the monument resembles a blend of cultures—a simple stone cross sitting on top of a fluted Doric pillar of Graeco-Roman design. The base of the pillar is made of local sandstone, and sits on a broad but irregular three-step platform and is roughly cubic. Measurements reveal that it is a little taller than it is wide.
On each face are curious symbols—a sun face glaring like some ancient American (Toltec or Tiahuanaco—J.T.) sun god, a strange shield-like arrangement of A’s in the arms of a cross, an eight-rayed starburst, and, most curious of all, an old-fashioned man-in-the-moon face with a prominent eye. Above the sun face on the western side can be seen a triple-X figure on the top portion of the cross. Below that, on the transverse arm, is the common (Latin) inscription O Tripla Crux Aves, Pes Unica (Translated: Hail, O Triple Cross, the only hope). People of the area aren’t quite sure who erected the cross. Some say it was the Visigoths. Others claim it was the mysterious sect of the Cathars, a gnostic religion that flourished in Europe from 800 A.D. to the sect’s final destruction at Montsegur, France in 1244, the result of the so-called Albigensian Crusade. One wild theory maintains that the stone cross is thousands of years old, brought to Europe by the Basques from their original homeland, the lost continent of Atlantis. The Atlantean theory maintains that the monument is “a prophecy in stone”. It is argued that the cross of Hendaye contained coded information that would give the exact date and location of next Invisible Resistance’s Hermetic rave.


”The Manor of the Salamander” in Lisieux, Normandy, represents perhaps the product of an adept initiated by the sage Francois Rabelais. Extensive attention should be given to the “Body Guards of Francis II” contained in the building. These four life-size statues of the cardinal virtues exhibit in finest detail the most profound secrets of alchemy. Prudence for example crushes a dragon with her foot indicating the fixation of mercury. The back of her head reveals the Janus-like face of an old man, sulfur, that conjoins to her own mercurial nature. She holds a mirror identifying the prima materia which reflects the archetypal process of nature. Nowadays this building is the official HQ of the Invisible Resistance.


From ancient greek OURA’ “tail” and BOPOS “to divour”, the Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a snake or internally linked dragon swallowing its tail and forming a circle. It is associated with locked grooves and endless repetition of the break-beat.


a) TERRE-NEUVE CASTLE’S HERMETIC FIREPLACE: audio-philosophical dwelling where the first step of the Great Work (Black Phase) take place, the transfer – calcination;

b) VERTBOIS FOUNTAIN: audio-philosophical dwelling where the second part of the Great Work (Red Phase) takes place, the galvanic bath -lixiviation;

c) HOUSE OF THE ABSOLU: audio-philosophical dwelling where the third step of the Great Work (White Phase) take place, the pressing – volatile fixation on the 12”;

COMPOST: paint deposited in uniform way and without smudging on the matrix whose sapphire needle cut the groove during the transfer -calcination;

ALKAEST: layer formed on the matrix by the metallic iones electrolytic action during the galvanic bath – lixiviation;

REBIS: dough of vinyl pulp made of: 1) the ashes of the defunct dj Scaphandre who by testamentary will became sound, distorted frequencies and pink noize. After cremation his ashes have been added to the dough of vinyl pulp; 2) pieces of the smashed Chartres stained-glass window to be put as raw materials in the athanor-philosophical oven during the pressing – fixation of the volatile on the 12”;

GREAT WORK: secret process of vinyl manufacturing through 3 stages (Black, Red and White). “Regarding the Great Work say very little, act a lot, ALWAYS BE SILENT”

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