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“If you go back to the birth of nations, if you come down to our own day, if you examine peoples in all possible conditions from the state of barbarism to the most advanced civilisation, you always find war. From this primary cause … the effusion of blood has never ceased in this world.”
Joseph de Maistre (1797)


Civilisation is measured by its roads; uneven development is revealed by its potholes. The Romans ruled the extent of their imperium along their via; the Victorians penetrated with protractors and railroads; lately, the BBC has devoted an entire chauvinistic TV series (‘Top Gear’) to ridiculing the absence of ‘proper’ roads outside the Western comfort zone.

Rwanda’s roads could never be straight, for every inch of this African emerald is set across a vertiginous mountain range. But its winding roads are perfect. Too perfect. They are fastidiously-tarmacked, governed, regulated spaces with delineated sidewalks, freshly-painted lines, rationalised roundabouts, 12-hour street lighting, advance-warning filter systems, traffic lights which work – and which are obeyed. This is not only in the capital, Kigali: all the way south in the border town of Gisenyi, one can gaze smugly from its smooth Paradise into the shambolic warzone of eastern Congo; at the other end of the country, a European visitor to the northern town of Nyagatare could be forgiven for thinking they were in Liechtenstein.

To make matters even more disconcertingly ‘un-African’, Rwandan drivers always follow traffic regulations, even when no-one is looking.


My first visit to Rwanda is in 2008. It’s only 10pm and Kigali is already dead. I’m with Karlsson, a foul-mouthed Swedish academic, and we are looking for somewhere to have another beer. He’s researching the controversial topic of media freedom and I am keen to hear of his findings. We’ve had the uneasy feeling all day that people have been eavesdropping on us. To anyone listening in, our conversation must sound bizarre. You cannot meaningfully discuss Rwandan politics without mentioning their ethnic factions, the Hutu and the Tutsi, yet the regime has literally outlawed the use of the terms ‘Hutu’ and ‘Tutsi’, unless you use them in a close approximation of the following phrase: “… the Hutu genocide against the Tutsi.” So in the spirit of naughty schoolboys we spend the whole day talking politics by substituting the ethnicities with the terms ‘Hookers’ and ‘Trannies’ (as in transvestites). “Some claim there were actually more Hookers killed by the Trannies in reprisals…” or “the Trannies are simply burying the issue and the Hookers are going to boil over one day soon, you’ll see…” Xanax Cheap

In this prematurely deceased night we sit down and relax in the absence of flitting eyes. We are probably being paranoid to think we were shadowed the whole day, but we’d be well-advised in that attitude. Karlsson would simply be the latest foreign researcher or journalist to have his visa revoked. The Rwandan authorities are justified in their vigilance. Only 5 years earlier Rwanda had been one of the most feared protagonists in the Second Congo War (9 combatant nations and nearly 6 million deaths) and only 14 years earlier Hutu Power had conducted a genocide in Rwanda itself (800,000 deaths).

Karlsson staggers off in search of a demarcated urination spot and I enter a kiosk bar, the only place open as far as the eye can see. There is a middle-aged man drinking at the counter. He stares fixedly at me as I try and order beer and cigarettes. The kiosk is brightly-lit by ghastly neon. High up on the wall is the ubiquitous framed image of President Paul Kagame, sitting up straight, his narrow neck-tied frame topped by bespectacled, beady eyes. “Hey you! Do you know who that man is?” the sodden customer addresses me breezily. “Yes”, I smirk, attempting some levity, “he’s the main man, the numero uno – the big cheese!” There is a brief silence as the drinker contemplates me; his lips are now snarled with contempt. “This man” he hisses, grabbing my sleeve and jabbing his finger towards the icon, “is our saviour. He is a God to us.” The barman abruptly finishes the transaction and President Kagame watches from the wall as I leave his kiosk. Xanax Mastercard

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Here is the annual Best of 2016 Chart documenting many of the tracks and releases of 2016 played out frequently by Datacide contributors!

Best of 2016 Chart
(no order)

Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Ruben Pater: A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics (Discrepant 24)
CoH: Music Vol. (Editions Mego 222)
Radionics Radio: An Album of Musical Radionic Thought-Frequencies (Sub Rosa 423)
KK Null: Machine in the Ghost (Dry Lungs 007/Hirntrust Grind Media 41)
6.R.M.E.: ANRSE (Hintrust Grind Media 42)
N-rgle: Makété Kudasay (bandcamp self release)
Headland: FKOFd026 (FatKidOnFire 026)
Silver Waves: Ep3 (Portal Editions/ Howling Owl Records)
Ryuji Takeuchi: Outbound To Inner Self (Inner Surface Music)
Annihilation Operator: Bludgeon (Raketenbasis Haberlandstraße)
Ossia: Control (Berceuse Heroique)
Zombieflesheater: Bloodsport Soundclash EP (Kritik Am Leben 02)
Adjust: Titan Remixes (Low Res LOW027)
Messias: Omnivoid (Cathartic Noize Experience X-008)
Dr. Walker vs. Omsk Information vs. St.Tétik (Subsonic 003)
Alex Buess & Daniel Buess: Skin Craft: RIND & NOL (Praxis 55)
D.A.S. D.A.: Features Vol 4 (Repitch004)
Atomhead: Timeblind (AcreD23)
Umwelt: Days of Dissent (Boidae 001)
Cindytalk: The Labyrinth of the Straight Line (Editions Mego 219)
Crotaphytus: Acanthosaura (Further Records 014)
Ontal: Ontal 2 (Ontal Series 02)
Honzo: Melancholia EP (Arboretum 003)
Scalameriya: Kepslok (Perc Trax Limited 008)
Martyn Hare: (Emetic XXVII)
SØS Gunver Ryberg: AFTRYK (Contort 006)
Blackmass Plastics: Under the Radar (Ugly Funk 009)
Oake: Monad XXIV (Stroboscopic Artefacts 024)
Disheveled: Mechasimulacria (Thac0 AC7)
Dimentia: Broadcast Frequency (bandcamp self release)
Perc + Randomer: Igneous (Perc Trax 072)
Impulse Controls: Devour (Instruments of Discipline 008)
Domenico Crisci: The Violinist (Summa Cum Laude 001)
A001: Nyctophobia EP (MORD031)
Wah Wah: No Borders (Kool Killer 001)

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Alprazolam Where To Buy

As always in the first days of the new year we publish a list of the most read – or at least most clicked – articles on datacide (online) during the previous year:

1. Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online by Marc Hekate, which will appear in print in the upcoming Datacide Sixteen. This got a huge spike after being shared many times on social media.

2. Buy Liquid Xanax Online. This nice and now classic piece on the 80′s dance underground in London is from Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy, published in 2008 and was the most read article for the previous three years! And in 2014 it also has become the most read piece on this site, overtaking the Coil Interview from 1986, which was still the third most read piece in 2016:

3. Buy Xanax Strips plus Introduction. Classic interview with John Balance – originally published in the Zine “turn to crime” (Vision 2). Vision was of course the predecessor of Praxis/Datacide. Reprinted in Cheap Xanax Bars (2006/2014)

4. Safe Xanax Online by Jo Burzynska – always in this chart since 2011, this is the oldest Datacide article here – from Datacide Two, 1997, now reprinted in our bookBuying Xanax Online Cheapest.

5. Buying Xanax Online Bluelight by Christoph Fringeli. Getting read more and more – and predictably STILL getting the usual flak from fanboys and apologists… Originally from Datacide Nine (2006/2014)

6. Where To Order Xanax Online Forum by Stewart Home from Datacide Eleven, based on his talk at the 2008 datacide conference in Berlin, and in each top 10 since then… Originally published in Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires (2011).

7. Cheap Xanax 2Mg by CF, originally published in Datacide Ten. Up from number 20 last year.

8. The most read article from Datacide Fourteen in 2015 is John Eden’s account of the Hackney police’s “community relations”: Order Xanax Online In Usa. Last year’s number 8 is getting a growing readership.

8. Purchasing Xanax In Mexico by Christoph Fringeli from Datacide Eleven (2011). This was the most read article in 2011, number 5 in 2012, number 3 in 2013 and 5 in 2014 as well as this year.

9. Xanax Tablets Online by CF is another text with a a steady readership, both previous years at number 8, in 2014 it dropped out of the “top 10” only to re-appear again this year. Originally from Datacide Nine.

10. Buy Xanax Vietnam Howard Slater’s excellent article on Godard’s Masculin/Feminin from Bluelight Xanax Online is finding a new readership.

11. Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap by Simon Ford (Book Review by Stewart Home from Xanax Online Italia).

12. Cheap Xanax From India by Neil Transponine about the struggles against the Criminal Justice Bill and subsequent 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act from Datacide Thirteen.

13. Liquid Alprazolam Online with Mark Harrison from issue Thirteen by Neil Transpontine, also from issue 13. Essential for those interested in the history of the 23 tribe and free party culture! Last year’s number 12.

14. Buy Alprazolam Online With Mastercard by Howard Slater – from Datacide 14.

15. Buy Gador Alprazolam – one of the articles that appeared in Datacide (this one in issue Eleven, 2011) dealing with the reggae soundsystem culture and its history, by John Eden.

16. Where To Buy Alprazolam Online by new Datacide contributor Guoda Diržyte from datacide 14.

17. Also by John Eden is this interview: Npdrugs Cheap Xanax Online which gives great insight into some of the more interesting industrial culture.

18. For the second time in this list is a short article about the text Discount Xanax Online by the writer Ernst Jünger, originally published as an appendix to “From Subculture to Hegemony” (see number 8 in this list) in Datacide Eleven.

19. Datacide 15 News: Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico – a news update on the Neo-Nazi terrorist group Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (NSU) and its connection to the German state security agency Verfassungsschutz from Datacide Fifteen.

20. Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Uk – originally published on the blog and reprinted in our Alprazolam 2Mg Online – and finally re-blogged here.

As a year ago we post a top 20 list rather than just a top 10 as in previous years. Hopefully it will be encouraging to dig deeper into the wealth of articles on the site – nearly 500 are up now and more will follow soon!

Cheap Real Xanax Online

Xanax Online Uk Forum

“Sooner or later the Situationist International must
define itself as a therapy: we are ready to defend the
poetry made by all against the false poetry
rigged up by power”
– Raoul Vaneigem

As a psychoanalyst and militant, Félix Guattari seems to have engaged with the problem of groups for all his life. Across his writing we see him putting forth, as part of a collaborative process, various conceptualisations of group life which are to a larger or lesser degree operational concepts which he had experienced and worked with. These are: institutional analysis, the subject and subjugated group and the collective assemblage of enunciation. Several themes, gathering points for his later more pronounced interest in the production of subjectivity, appear to flow through all of these concepts: transversalism, a mixed semiotic and the subject as ‘supra-personal’. Buy Alprazolam 2Mg