These Laws: Up Yours! – Documents Relating to “Revolt of the Ravers”

Here we compile small number of documents – press clippings and flyers – relating to the article Revolt of the Ravers – The Movement against the Criminal Justice Act in Britain 1993-95 from Datacide 13. Do you have documents relating to the events? If so please contact us at datacide (at)

Tabloid paper for the ravers – or self-declared “Point of Sanity in the World of Bullshit” THE POINT with a anti-CJA headline (undated)


The DAILY STAR frontpage headline of October 10, 1994
The GUARDIAN, October 10, 1994 (part of the front page)
Press sheet for Advance Party fund raiser
Advance Party info (first of three pages)
Advance Party flyer
Flyer for the July demo and info from “Building the Coalition Against the Criminal Justice Bill”
Pressure on – Momentum Growing. Front of a 4-page flyer from the Freedom Network
Class War declares: “Laws – They Make’em, We Break’em.
and: Keep it Spikey
The front of the first TechNet issue was also dedicated to the CJB
Pamphlet by Practical History about the riotous times Hyde Park has seen
The first Praxis Newsletter announcing the first Dead by Dawn event which included an information evening on the CJB courtesy of Advance Party and SQUASH

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