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Here are the fundamentals: they are the same everywhere. The slave is always conscious of his slavery, and often makes desperate efforts to mitigate it. Sometimes he seeks that mitigation in outside activities that promise to give him the sense of dignity and importance that his daily labour denies him. Sometimes he tries to give a false appearance of dignity to the work itself. More often than not he blames the wrong person.

After World War II, Great Britain was completely and utterly broken. London was a large bomb site, and many of its old buildings were destroyed only to be replaced by awful tower blocks. Rationing existed until the 1950s. The empire was gone. Hence, fear might restrain the skeptic. The press then offered its readers an all-embracing refuge of security and consolation without which for many their lot would have been unendurable. But it is only a matter of time until this refuge is changed into something different. Take the story of Cecil King as a case study.

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Chances are Necessary – Tom Clancy, Computer Games and Blue America


To play a game is to engage in a certain kind of interaction. War is a game. The rules have to be rules of a game, and it may be initially regarded as a gamble. The more chances you have, the less skills are necessary, and vice versa. Therefore, chances are necessary. So it is, of course, always heartening to see one´s field of study find use in another one.

The doctrine of decision-making in a game is a doctrine based on an opponent’s capabilities. A gamer is enjoined to select the course of action which offers the greatest promise of success in view of the enemy’s capabilities. The process of decision-making is formalized in analysis. Let´s call it an Estimate of the Situation. These steps must be followed: Step 1 – the Mission, Step 2 – Situation, Step 3 – Analysis of the Opposing Courses of Action, Step 4 – Comparison of Available Courses of Action, Step 5 – Decision.

However, most people are not (born) players. So the question arises how to convince the majority to play. [Read more →]