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The Molehill Report #8 – August 2022

August 2022: We present excerpts of an interview with sansculotte on Breakcore in Berlin. Sansculotte are a collective working with graphic-design, programming, animation, music and av-media. The book EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS which collects issues 1-10 of Datacide is back from the printers and available again.


Christoph Fringeli: You’re recording? Okay! Welcome to episode 8 of the Molehill Report this time broadcasting directly from an noisy cafe in Paris enjoying a Pastis.

In this episode we have excerpts from an interview with sansculotte, a collective working in graphics, multimedia and animation. They were closely involved with the development of breakcore in Berlin and made many contributions to Praxis and Datacide.

Music: Anonymous Series Vol.2, track 1

sansculotte on Breakcore and Parties in Berlin

sansculotte on Breakcore

sansculotte (Uli): I think it was the the energy mostly, of the music as well as the people involved with it. I totally love this, that it’s unstable and chaotic and you never know what’s coming next. And it sort of keeps you on your toes all the time. When you’re dancing it’s totally energising…


sansculotte (Sandra): They all happened in interesting locations like squats or other weird underground locations. Not in official clubs, so they have been affordable and interesting, and we went to all we could find basically…

sansculotte (Uli): Also Punk had this DIY thing, so we were invited to contribute always, it wouldn’t be produced and you’d consume – and I found the same thing with breakcore as well. We were very much invited to contribute…

sansculotte (Sandra): …and the scene was friendly, i mean the people were really open and freaky and it was not a closed circle…. And it felt natural that we switched to organising these events as well. I mean i really enjoyed organising these parties, those were really exciting times! The crowd was cool, the party was cool, the locations… Yeah it felt really good.

Music video by sansculotte: The Wirebug: Signal Cutoff Inflammation (from Factory Food, Praxis 57)

Full sansculotte video of Signal Cutoff Inflammation by The Wirebug


sansculotte (Uli): Yeah, so the idea was because we were going to parties mostly in order to dance, the idea was a bit to have the images dancing to the music, and the setup evolved around that.

sansculotte (Sandra): With the videos we developed some restrictions, first there was a colour restriction: We only use black white and red, that is an aesthetic approach, but as well a practical approach, so that because we worked with different people the material produced by different people in different styles would still match together because the colour matches.

When we planned for a music video or a trailer we always had a story in mind, so the narrative element is quite crucial to us, even if the narrative or the story is in an abstract real way, we follow some hidden line and then we lay this out, and the image somehow comes together and we need it together…

And I think the party trailers are something different, I really like doing them because before we did already a lot of or we still do party flyers which is very static. With the party trailer there you have music snippets from music you will actually hear at the party. You can illustrate it in a freaky way, you can experiment. It’s very quickly done videos, and yeah, I like it.

sansculotte (Uli): If we do a music video, we sort of we go from the story and see what images it attracts, and then we layer these images on top of each other until it’s all flickering and flashing!


Sansculotte “Molereel”, with sound by Bombhead contains snippets from Amit, Bombhead, Electric Kettle, Cindytalk, Kovert, sansculotte, The Wirebug, TSX, ZFE, DJ Schleppscheisse, Noize Creator, all from collaborations with sansculotte.

Voice: This transmission ends now.

CF: Check out the full interview with sansculotte about Breakcore and Parties in Berlin on our channel!

CF: Finally we’re very happy to announce that the book Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous, which collects the complete issues of Datacide 1 to 10 is back in print and available again!

Sansculotte (both): The future is cancelled!

Watch the full interview here:

• Full Interview with Sansculotte on br…

sansculotte web site:


Order the book here:


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