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As we did How To Purchase Alprazolam Online we look at which articles were the most read ones of the past year (online):

2012 was the best year for datacide online so far with the most views/reads and November 2012 was the best month in the history of the site since it was launched at the beginning of 2009 (replacing the old archive site and the temporary blog). Considering that datacide 11 came out in February 2011 and the next issue only in October 2012 and, connected to that, the fact that only very little material was posted during 2012 (19 posts) this is a really good result. It shows that more people find out about the magazine and the rich archive of articles besides the new additions. It’s not surprising that most articles read online in 2012 were from issue 11 or earlier as the majority of texts from number 12 are not even online yet and the ones that are were posted in November or December.

1. Buying Xanax In Australia by Neil Transpontine  (from Datacide 11). This one shot up in the statistics when aXanax Order Online from last July linked to it. But it was much read before then, having already been at number 6 of the most read articles of 2011, obviously touching on one of the key themes of datacide.

2. Get Alprazolam Online by DJ Controlled Weirdness (from Datacide 10) A slow burner that has attracted a lot of readers over the last year, becoming one of the most read articles on the site, despite – as far as we can tell – not being linked to from any “prominent” sites. Nice.

3. Xanax Cheap by Stewart Home (from Datacide 11), up from number 9 of the previous year’s most read. This is also the article version of Stewart’s talk at the 2008 datacide conference in Berlin.

4. Xanax Mastercard by Christoph Fringeli/John Balance. Being linked to from Wikipedia and the official Coil site this is the most read post on datacide attracting a steady readership. Somewhat ironic considering the interview was done over a decade before datacide started before it was  re-published in issue 9 (incidentally the issue with the lowest print run of datacide).

5. Best Site To Order Xanax Online by Christoph Fringeli, which was the most read piece in 2011 (from Datacide 11). Of course we are wondering who reads this and related articles – Anti-Fascists? Fans of industrial music? Fans of Evola or Jünger?

6. Buying Xanax Online Reddit Punk Rock and Anti-Racism – or: Death In June not Mysterious. Stewart Home’s article on Death In June from Datacide 7.

7. Alprazolam Where To Buy by Jo Burzynska from Datacide 2 – and thus the oldest article originally published in Datacide in this list. Was already number 7 in the 2011 chart. Many visitors seem to be coming from Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online.

8. Buy Liquid Xanax Online by Christoph Fringeli from Datacide 9, last year’s number 8 as well.

9. Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy by John Eden from Datacide 11, the second most read article of 2011 still receiving a fair amount of hits.

10. Buy Xanax Strips – on Pasolini’s Salo by Howard Slater from Datacide 6 and one of his brilliant film reviews which also include an article aboutCheap Xanax Bars, the Safe Xanax Online and others.

11. Buying Xanax Online Cheapest by Cherry Angioma, already a much discussed and re-blogged post from the latest issue, Datacide 12, addressing important issues of the current debates in the communist movement.

12. Buying Xanax Online Bluelight by John Eden. Exclusive interview with Jordi Valls that comes second in the only recently posted articles from the latest paper issue, and will no doubt be a contender along with “Communisation Theory…” for the 2013 charts…

Of course we know that by posting this list there will be a tendency that those article will be read again while others that would also be worth a read might be overlooked. Hence here some more or less random links to other articles with the explicit invitation to investigate further by browsing the site:

E.g. the classic Where To Order Xanax Online Forum by Howard Slater/Eddie Miller/Flint Michigan from Datacide 2, or its follow-up text Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires from Datacide 7. Or what about Cheap Xanax 2Mgfrom the same issue, or maybe Order Xanax Online In Usa by Matt Fuller from Datacide 8…?

There are now nearly 300 articles on this site, and the next print issue is being prepared. We have a lot of plans for the future. You can help us realising them sooner rather than later by making a donation or taking out a subscription for 3 issues for 10 euro. Write to (or paypal funds to) datacide(at)c8.com


Purchasing Xanax In Mexico

‘Spannered’ is a fictionalised account of the free party scene, spanning a lost weekend in the mid-1990s. In this conversation with Neil Transpontine, the novel’s author Bert Random reflects on free parties then and now, the famous Bristol scene and much more. The book is available from Xanax Tablets Online

1. Spannered reads very much like an insider’s account of the 1990s free party scene – written by somebody who was intimately involved in it, rather than by a writer who stumbled into a party in search of material for a novel. Can you say a bit about your involvement at the time and the squat party scene in Bristol (maybe mention some of the sound systems, places where parties happened etc.).

There had always been squat parties and random dances in Bristol, ever since I was a teenager. Like loads of Bristol kids of my age, I was first drawn into skateboarding when I was 13 or 14, which led to punk and graffiti and hip-hop, and then into dance music and raving. There were things happening everywhere: in squats where my mates were living, in places like the Pink Palace (which was a four-story building right in the middle of town that was filled with skate-ramps and painted with huge pink balloons on the outside), in the basements and back-rooms of dodgy pubs, and in weird, derelict, places tucked around the edges of Bristol’s inner-city. Buy Xanax Vietnam

Bluelight Xanax Online

in the spaces of subversiv e.v.
Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte

October 20th

The new issue will be available for the first time at the event!
Cover image and table of contents Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap

Xanax Online Italia from Cheap Xanax From India on Liquid Alprazolam Online.

Buy Alprazolam Online With MastercardBuy Gador Alprazolam

Party starts at 11pm with live sets & DJ’s:

Xanopticon – Live – Zhark / Peace Off – San Francisco – Where To Buy Alprazolam Online
Split Horizon – Live – Void Tactical Media – Oakland – Npdrugs Cheap Xanax Online
Dimentia – Live – Void Tactical Media – Oakland – Discount Xanax Online
Key – Live – Void Tactical Media – Oakland – Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico
LFO Demon – Sprengstoff – Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Uk
Amboss – Sub/Version – Alprazolam 2Mg Online
H-Kon – Clash of the Titans – Cheap Real Xanax Online

visuals: Sansculotte – Xanax Online Uk Forum – (upstairs)

Talks start at 6pm:

“Electronic and experimental music in Asia and Africa” by Cedrik Fermont
The official history of experimental and electronic music is mostly centered on developments in the “West” from the end of the 19th century through the 1960s, and yet, in 1944, the first known piece of African so-called “experimental music” was recorded by Halim El-Dabh in Cairo.  This talk addresses the fact that electronic, experimental music, and by extension noise music, cannot been seen as a typically “Western” kind of music.  The origins of the very notion of noise music do not entirely belong to “Western” culture, but most probably stem from technology, modernization, and often urbanism.  What about non-Western composers of experimental, electronic and noise music, who have been written out of histories? Which culture(s) and which non-Western nations are they influenced by? Are they still maintained under a post-colonial cultural yoke?

“2012 IS THE SEASON FOR TREASON: An Assault on Establishment Culture in Germany” by the OKK Team Chus Martinez, Francisco José Avestruz & Otto Karl Kamal
Extending the assault on capitalist society through a radical take on Berlin Biennale 7, dOCUMENTA (13) and similar propaganda tools, the OKK Team will present their analysis of and strategies for countering these bourgeois gentrification festivals and their “activist” participants who are often sporting either extreme naivety or some “brown” (i.e. fascist) ideology.  For more info go to: http://2012istheseasonfortreason.wordpress.com/

“On the Map – Control and Freedom in Geographic Information Systems” by Split Horizon
The merger of cartography, statistical analysis and database technology threatens our privacy and autonomy, while simultaneously pluralizing our consensus of what exists, or has existed, at a place. Digital map making is now a crucial form of communication, and a newly contested media that begs exploration. This talk addresses the most severe technological consequences of location tracking, while presenting creative directions, détournements, and strategies that free and open source GIS/GPS technologies now make available to the general public.


– a more precise time-table for the talks will be posted closer to the date – and the talks will be free to attend.


Buy Alprazolam 2Mg

Buy Xanax Cod Delivery



Praxis presents Datacide Soli – a fundraiser for Datacide Twelve and a celebration of the new record releases by Electric Kettle and Bulkrate. We return to Subversiv for an all night party with a massive line-up:

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery(praxis, peace off)

Buy Brand Name Xanax Bars(praxis, nl)

Alprazolam Borderline(suburban trash)

Xanax Brand Online (failed rituals)

Order Xanax Pills (hirntrust, sonic belligeranza, sprengstoff)

Alprazolam Online Paypal (clash of the titans)

Cheap Overnight Xanax (praxis rec/datacide)

@ Subversiv e.V. / Berlin Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte (U8 Rosenthaler Platz)

No Racism, No Sexism, No Nationalism

Alprazolam Rx Online

… And more charts: these were the 10 most read articles on this web site during 2011:

Alprazolam Purchase Online From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Martial Industrial by Christoph Fringeli

Buy Xanax India OnlineShaking The Foundations: Reggae soundsystem meets ‘Big Ben British values’ downtown by John Eden

Alprazolam Online Cheap Tortugan tower blocks? Pirate signals from the margins by Alexis Wolton

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Bali We Mean It Man: Punk Rock and Anti-Racism – or, Death In June Not Mysterious by Stewart Home

Buy Xanax SpainCOIL – Interview from 1986 plus Introduction by Christoph Fringeli/John Balance

Buy 1000 Xanax Bars Dance Before The Police Come by Neil Transpontine

Where Can I Buy Alprazolam Cod What The Fuck – Operation Spanner by Jo Burzynska

Cheap Xanax Overnight Delivery The Brain of Ulrike Meinhof by Christoph Fringeli

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In India Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organised crime & the law in 1960s London by Stewart Home

Xanax Cheap Overnight Battlenoise! Review by Christoph Fringeli

Pages: Buying Alprazolam In Thailand Order Xanax Online From Canada 2 Buy Xanax Tablets Online Buying Xanax From Canada Online Ordering Alprazolam Pills Buying Xanax Online Illegal I Want To Order Xanax Online Buy Cheap Xanax Pills Xanax Online Usa Xanax Purchase Online