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In issue number 8 of datacide we published an article on How To Purchase Alprazolam Online.
One topic was the widespread prescription of neuroleptic drugs, and a central claim was that the rampant use of “a-typical” neuroleptics (such as Zyprexa, Risperdal and Seroquel) was barely a progress compared to the old “typical” neuroleptics such as Haldol or Clopixol, except for the fact that these have less obvious adverse effects in the region of motoric disturbances.
Buying Xanax In Australia
Although this is hardly news, it seems to be only slowly seeping into the mainstream, all the while the pharmaceutical companies marketing such drugs are making massive profits.
Ely Lilly, the manufacturer of Zyprexa was selling this medication to the tune of $4 billion in one year alone.
While it is to be welcomed that knowledge about the dangers of these drugs is becoming more wide-spread, unfortunately it isn’t going hand in hand with a more critical approach to the ideology that leads to the rampant over-use of mind-dimming medication. As evident from the N.Y. TImes piece, some doctors merely go back to old school “typical” neuroleptics to avoid the adverse effect of a-typicals, knowingly exposing patients to the risks of Tardive Dyskenesia and other debilitating adverse effects.

Not only are these medications prescribed for all kinds of ailments they were never supposed to treat, they are also being increasingly prescribed to children.
What ultimately needs to be challenged is the diagnosis of schizophrenia itself on the one hand, schizophrenia being – rather than a recognizable illness – more like a collection of symptoms.
On the other hand, and going with it, it has to be recognized that the widespread use of neuroleptics and other psychiatric drugs is putting the brains of millions in chemical straitjackets, in what amounts to social control on a huge scale.

some further infos:
Xanax Order Online (site of the consistent critic of biologist psychiatry, Peter Breggin) (now defunct, but still contains interesting information) (another legal case site, with up to date links)

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