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datacide two Release Date: June 1997. 24 Pages. Datacide: JSA Navigation Datacide: Legal Defense and Monitoring Group Interview Datacide: Virtual Worlds and Concrete Strategies - Interview with Konrad Becker Matthew Hyland: Gnostic Front - Cultural Studies and Other Suicide Cult Klaus Witz: Search & Destroy Jo Burzynska: What the Fuck?…
  • datacide five Release Date: January 1999. 28 Pages. Datacide: Introduction Scud: “Expect To Be Exposed To Murder At Any Time” Scud: Bomb Graffiti Prevention of Terrorism? Christoph Fringeli: Information War, Cyberwar, Netwar, Anti-War, Technowar Howard Slater: Autotraumatisation - On the Movies of John Carpenter Matthew Hyland: Absolute Materialism: Heaven's Gate,…
  • datacide one Release Date: March 1997. 20 Pages. Mark Spiral: Teknival - Summer Thunder datacide: Test Tube Kid Interview Matthew Fuller: Lab Rats a go-go London Psychogeographical Association: "I am an alien (wo)man...I beheld the life and the life beheld me." The Great Book of the Mandeans KW: Garbage People…