Datacide Four


datacide four

Release Date March July 1998. 24 Pages.

Luther Blissett: Let the Children Play 1
Luther Blissett: Let the Children Play 2
Luther Blissett: Let the Children Play 3
Howard Slater: The Western
Howard Slater: Minimal Apertures (Insert to The Western)
Matthew Hyland: Plague in this Town
Datacide: No-Tek Interview
Reverend Butech: FILTHY THIRD PSALM (237/237)
Dan Hekate: Zusumine
Flint Michigan: WE CALLED IT TECHNO: New Order: Video 586 [Touch]
Peter Edwards: The Endless Short Story – a six year loop
Flint Michigan: MEANS FROM AN END – on recent Mille Plateaux releases
CF: Wag the Dog
CF: Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America by Alex Constantine (Feral House)
Record Reviews

plus: print reviews, news, charts, record news, Curley obituary, short texts by Matt Fuller, Rachael Kozak, Claire Hekate, Jeff23, and Scud, and the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.

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Note: This issue is no longer available as single copy, but the whole issue is featured in the collection Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous: A Decade of Noise & Politics – Datacide Magazine 1-10.

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