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datacide two Release Date: June 1997. 24 Pages. Datacide: JSA Navigation Datacide: Legal Defense and Monitoring Group Interview Datacide: Virtual Worlds and Concrete Strategies - Interview with Konrad Becker Matthew Hyland: Gnostic Front - Cultural Studies and Other Suicide Cult Klaus Witz: Search & Destroy Jo Burzynska: What the Fuck?…
  • datacide three Release date: October 1997. 24 Pages. Reverend Butech: Butech Wants You! Six Hurts G.: Mr. Chairman, dear collegues, ladies and gentlemen Boris Karloff: Plague of the Zombies The Assessor: The Assessor Matthew Fuller: Perpetual Commotion (on Critical Art Ensemble) Howard Slater: PARALLAXED Datacide: Interview with Mark Newlands /…
  • Not entirely without hesitation we publish our "traditional" list of the most read articles of the previous year. The hesitation comes from the fact that it looks like it's mostly the same articles that are read year in and year out. It has been suggested before that perhaps we should…