Datacide One


datacide one

Release Date: March 1997. 20 Pages.

Mark Spiral: Teknival – Summer Thunder
datacide: Test Tube Kid Interview
Matthew Fuller: Lab Rats a go-go
London Psychogeographical Association: “I am an alien (wo)man…I beheld the life and the life beheld me.” The Great Book of the Mandeans
KW: Garbage People
Flint Michigan: This is the Way, Step Inside…Various Artists Privileged Frames [V/VM]
Flint Michigan: Underground Services: Listener As Operator
CF: Bonjour Vitesse
Flint Michigan: Break/Flow vs Acid Planet: Mixed Up in the Hague (Remix)
Flint Michigan: Break/Flow vs Datacide
Record Reviews

plus: news, fiction, charts, and the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.

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Note: This issue is no longer available as single copy, but the whole issue is featured in the collection Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous: A Decade of Noise & Politics – Datacide Magazine 1-10.

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