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[Post updated April 2022]

If you’re using facebook you may have noticed that this very web site had been blacklisted from about April 2020-April 2021. It was no longer possible to link to articles on from facebook, and all existing links had been removed. It wasn’t even possible to share our email address in messages. The Datacide page on fb still exists, so it’s not that Datacide per se had been banned. But when you tried to post a link it claimed that the site “violates community standards” or that it “includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive” (depending on how you try to set a link you got either of those “error” messages). The latter suggests that it’s the result of a campaign, and not a mistake by fb’s AI as we initially assumed. But this is speculation – no reason or cause has been given by facebook.

Links to on facebook have been blocked for a bit more than a year in total – we and a number of people have filed complaints/error reports, but unsurprisingly these have been ignored by facebook. It’s a crass example of an intransparent and unaccountable Behemoth exercising censorship.

How bad is this for us?

An analysis of the our site’s referrers shows that “only” 14.1% of referrals are from fb, the vast majority is from search engines (67.5%). The rest is made up from Twitter (2.6%) and all other web sites combined with 15.8% (These numbers are from 2020, when the ban was in place).

However, when new material is posted on the site, social media do drive a large section of the immediate readership in the short term, while search engines and links from other web sites are more responsible for long term traffic. 

After about a year, suddenly and without explanation, it became possible again to post links to on facebook. Nevertheless you will notice that we’re preferably using other means to publicise our activities! Facebook is not a trustworthy platform.

These include twitter (, and we have also set up a telegram channel Please follow/subscribe! And share our content to your own twitter and telegram followers and contacts! You may also sign up to the Praxis Records newsletter HERE to receive monthly updates which includes datacide related infos. Last but not least, please subscribe to the Noise & Politics YouTube channel which features the monthly Molehill Report as well as other datacide-related content!

Update 2023: We’re also on Mastodon and Bluesky, our Linktree is here.

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