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Digital Version of Datacide 18 is available now!

We have now produced a digital version of the current issue datacide eighteen. Its content is identical to the print edition, but some illustrations are in colour and some links are clickable. It’s ideal to read on your tablet or laptop.

Everyone ordering single copies or taking out a subscription will automatically receive a copy (current subscribers should have received one by now).
The format is a DRM-free .pdf, so you can copy and share it with friends. If you do so we would very much appreciate it if you would include the link to our donation/subscription page. If you are not a subscriber yet, please consider taking out a subscription!

In the future we will do our best to send a digital version to all subscribers at the time of release of upcoming issues. And in the meantime we will work our way backward through the older issues. A reprint of Datacide 17 in paper form and its first-time release in digital format is planned for July 2020. Datacide 16 for August.

In the meantime we’re working on the next issue!

SUPPORT DATACIDE – ORDER A COPY, TAKE OUT A SUBSCRIPTION OR MAKE A DONATION – You can do all this through the form on the right of this web page (on mobile devices scroll down), or by clicking HERE for more information and payment options. THANKS!

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