Datacide Fourteen


Release date: 18 October 2014. 76 pages.

Datacide: ‎Editorial
Howard Slater: Cut-Up-Marx 11-20
Nemeton: Endless War; Surveillance, Control and Repression; Social Media and Internet Surveillance; Music Industry and Copyright
David Cecil: Uganda – Anti-Homosexuality Bill Update
Oscar Mole: When Will We Leave the 20th Century?
Hannah Lammin: Dancing with Death: The Excremental, the Sacred & Ecstatic Community in Free Party Culture
Neil Transpontine: Archeology of the Radical Internet: Reflections on the early European Counter Network in the Age of ‘Networked Social Movements’
John Eden: ‘They Hate Us, We Hate Them’: Resisting Police Corruption and Violence in Hackney in the 1980s and 1990s
Controlled Weirdness: Journeys in the Naked City. Adventures in New York Before the Rain
Lynx: Wild Ride> Subcultural Rumblings in the Pacific Northwest _ form of: mutant vehicle
Hans-Christian Psaar: German Data Angst
Howard Slater: Incorrect Classification Possible
Dan Hekate: The Bodyshop
Terra Audio: Star Spores: The Computerised City
Terra Audio: Star Spores: The Magnetic Timetable
John Eden: Paul Sullivan, Remixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora (Book Review)
John Eden: Paul Huxtable and Al Fingers, Sound System Culture: Celebrating Hudersfield’s Sound Systems (Book Review)
John Eden: Genesis P-Orridge, G.P.O. v G.P-O: A Chronicle of Mail Art on Trial (Book Review)
Nemeton: The Rabbit Hole and other writings by Cyrus Bozorgmehr (Book Review)
Stewart Home: Robert Deller, Splitting in Two: Mad Pride and Punk Rock Oblivion (Book Review)
Christoph Fringeli: Die Revolution war für mich ein grosses Abenteuer. Paul Mattick im Gespräch mit Michael Buckmiller (Book Review)
Christoph Fringeli: Jim Higgins, More Years for the Locust: The Origins of the SWP (Book Review)
Christoph Fringeli: Michael Landmann, Das Israelpseudos der Pseudolinken (Book Review)
Joris Julius-Sabinus: Emperor Palpatine
Snotra the Dustbin Serpent: Invincible Tedium: On the Lyrics of Tony Wakeford
DJ Balli: Shuffle from Plunderphonics: ‘Chris Cutler’ Remixed
Record Reviews by Zombieflesheater, David Cecil, Nemeton, Christoph Fringeli and Kovert
Alexis Wolton: Vinyl Meltdown, Side B
Datacide: Datacide Activities Since the Last Issue
DJ Charts
The Lives and Times of Bloor Schleppy (14)
With illustrations by Dybbuk, Matthieu Bourel, Tóng Zhi, Darkam, Lynx, Sansculotte


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