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The Story of Michael Alig - King of the Club Kids Sceptre 1999 This is a true story from New York City, ca. mid-90’s. It’s the story of a final episode of glam club culture and a story of drugs, a story of murder. With the sensationalising “he came, he…
  • Hot off the press is also the new edition of Lobster, as always full of insight and information about the machinations behind the scenes in British and international politics. This time: Lobbygate revisited: Why did Roger Liddle survive?, Suppressed Keynes, Congress for Cultural Freedom, Joseph K and the spooky launderette,…
  • Vol. 3: Moving horizontally rather than vertically this intense music magazine takes in electronica, post rock and drum and bass. Interviews and meticulous research collide with architectural images: sound, it suggests, is a material dimension. In amongst Panacea, V/Vm, Jega, Vainquer, Merzbow and more we come across OE’s quest to…
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