Datacide 19

2023Datacide 19Record Reviews

Datacide 19 Record Reviews by Christoph Fringeli

Record reviews by Christoph Fringeli from Datacide 19 feat. new releases on vinyl by GRMMSK, Gwakaï, The DJ Producer, Scorn, HFK, KK Null/Dot Product, R-Zac, Taciturne, C Mantle as well as compilations from Stirpe999 and Sozialistischer Plattenbau.

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2023Datacide 19

Datacide Nineteen Coming Out in October/November 2023

Announcement for the release of the 19th print edition of Datacide. We present it at the Hekate Soundsystem party weekend in Rome for the first time in early October, present a stall at the London Radical bookfair in November.

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2022Datacide 19Film/VideoInterviews

Interview With Nihil Fist – Full Transcript

Nihil Fist first appeared on the scene with a number of self-released cassette tapes and CDs in the late 1990s where he started defining his own vision of rapid fire beats and relentless noise attacks combining elements of harsh noise and speedcore, but at the same time far apart from these genres. This is the full transcript of our interview with him which first appeared on the Noise & Politics channel.

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