Video version of “France – What’s New for the Left?” Book Review form Datacide 18 online now on YouTube

Video version of the book review of “France – What’s new for the Left” from Datacide 18 is on the Noise& Politics YouTube channel now

In this video we present a book review of an English language compilation of articles from the French journal “Ni patrie ni frontières”, titled “France – What’s New for the Left?” that spans from 2002 to 2017.

The review first appeared in Datacide Eighteen, check it out HERE:
It has been slightly updated for this video version.

Ni patrie ni frontières! is a journal focusing on debates and polemics in the radical left with points of view and contributors ranging from left communism to anarchism to “third camp” Trotskyism. It also focuses on the failures of the Left, both the radical and the mainstream wings, to adequately defend secularism and fight anti-Semitism, the rise of the far-right and its effect on the Left, and the issue of left and radical left anti-Semitism and identity politics.

The journal has done important work in fostering debates and providing translations, bringing mainly English, as well as German, Dutch and Portugese texts to a French readership.

With this book they reverse this process and provide a primer for the anglophone Left to learn more about the situation in France. It’s is a big step in the right direction that should be followed up with more translations into English and other languages.

More by and about Ni patrie ni frontières! can be found on their web site

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Written & presented by Christoph Fringeli

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