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Polaris International – Email Intervention

Subject: BB7: The case of VOINA – artist anarchist nationalist group from Russia
Date: 06.04.2012 13:47

Dear friend,

I am Mr. Oleg Vorotnikov (Vor), the head of the file department of VOINA here in Moscow, Russia. In my department I happened to discover a sum of (11,000,000;00 EUR – Eleven million Euros) in an account that belongs to me personally. The money has been received for Co-Curating Berlin Biennale 7 (please see more information on this issue and a public statement here on BB7 website).

It is therefore upon this discovery that I have now decided to make this business proposal to you and release this money. As we have publicly stated (please double check the information on our website), VOINA members do not use the money for their personal lives because of my rule, nor do they participate in careerist Art Fairs such as art biennales. (An exception has been made with the Berlin Biennale 7 due to our Ethnic Comradeship with the Chief Curator Artur Zhmijewski, who is the next of kin or relation to the deceased tradition of Third Positionists or Querfrontists in pre-Nazi Germany.) 
For safety and subsequent disbursement, we urge you to step up and claim the money, provided you are a true Blooded German person, as well as a Prospective Investor in Real Estate Business. I have agreed that 40% of this money will be for you, while 60% would be for me. Then after the money has been transferred into your account, I will visit your country for an investment under your kind supervision.

You have to contact my PR person Plut (Alexei Plutser-Sarno) directly (email address provided below), who is the real representative of this money. Please fill out the following application form and attach a copy of your Germany issued Passport or ID card (preferably one that has been issued prior to the year of 1989, since both East AND West Germany are equally good for this endeavour). You need to send me the information required below in order to enable me to use your bank details, and then We will contact your bank for the transfer the money into your account.

Your Full Name _______________________
Your Home Address _______________________
Your Age _______________________
Your Mobile Phone Number _______________________
Your Occupation _______________________

I am waiting for your quick response to enable us to proceed further.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Oleg Vorotnikov (Vor)
For claims please contact:
my PR PERSON Plut (Alexei Plutser-Sarno) at ;
or official Berlin Biennale 7 email ;
or just call us at KW Institute for Contemporary Art 0049 (0)30 – 24 34 59 – 0

This newsletter is delivered to you by POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited, the surreal partner of Berlin Biennale 7, Artists Taking The Lead in the London Olympics 2012, the BMW Guggenheim Initiative and other strategies to engineer social peace in a contemporary society divided by class.

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