Datacide Twelve


release date: 20 October 2012. 68 pages

Datacide: Introduction
Darkam: The Art of Visual Noise
Nemeton: Political News: Surveillance and Control; Update on the American Radical Right and the Tea Party Movement
Christoph Fringeli: Neo-Nazi Terror and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany
Cherry Angioma: Communisation Theory and the Question of Fascism
Christoph Fringeli: From Adorno to Mao – The Decomposition of the ’68 Protest Movement into Maoism (extended book review)
Split Horizon: Control and Freedom in Geographic Information Systems
Riccardo Balli: “Bolognoise ain’t a Sauce for Spaghetti but Bologna’s Soundscape”
Polaris International: What is Polaris International?; Another Aggressively Stupid Berlin Biennale 7 Provocation; Email Intervention
TechNET insert:
Noise and Politics – Technet Mix
No More WordS
Listener as Operator
The Intensifier
No Stars Here
Here comes the all pervasive ghost mob
Techno: Psycho-Social Tumult
Dead By Dawn – Explorations inside the Night
I..N..S..I..D..E T..H..E.. N..I..G..H..T
Psycho-Social Tumult (Remix)
Dan Hekate: Kiss me, cut me, hurt me, love me
Howard Slater: Useless Ease
John Eden: The Dog’s Bollocks – Vagina Dentata Organ and the Valls Brothers (interview)
Neil Transpontine: Spannered – Bert Random Interview
LFO Demon: When Hell is full the Dead will Dance on your iPhone (Review of Simon Reynold’s “Retromania”)
Christoph Fringeli: “Fight for Freedom” – The Legend of the “other” Germany (extended book review)
Nemeton: “West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California” (book review)
Datacide: Press reviews
terra audio: 2023: A Spor remembers ‘Reclaim the Streets’
John Eden: Christopher Partridge: Dub in Babylon (book review)
terra audio: Jeff Mills: Violet Extremist
terra audio: Keeping the Door of the Cosmos open – on Sun Ra’s Arkestra directed by Marshall Allen
Record Reviews by Nemeton, Kovert, Zombieflesheater, John Eden
The Lives and Times of Bloor Schleppy (12)
Comic by Sansculotte


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  • 1 Simon Reynolds spricht im Monarch – unkultur // Oct 19, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    […] Kauft man sich nochmal die deutsche Version mit dem Extrakapitel? Mal sehen. Mein Review der englischen Version mit dem schönen Titel "When Hell is full the Dead will Dance on your iPhone" gibt es in der Print-Ausgabe der datacide 12 […]

  • 2 G. Dunnington // Nov 21, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Having just read the article from this issue by Cherry Angioma posted today on the website of, I am extremely pleased and excited to see a radical way out of the “millenarianism,” as someone else nicely put it, of communisation “theory.” Here in the [San Francisco] Bay Area, the awe with which this comparatively new ideology is regarded has become quite irritating. I regard it as merely another expression of the impotence of presently anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist currents, who seek magical solutions to the present crisis, which is also our crisis. I look forward to reading the rest of you publication(s) with hope and interest. I should mention that I am no stranger to this milieu myself, as I have been a member of Point Blank!, Collective Inventions (in all but one of its incarnations) and the recently self-destructed Collective Reinventions, as well as having conducted my own projects under the names International Friends of Wei Jingsheng (1984-95) and Antimatter (2005-present). My piece “The Meaning of Tiananmen” can be found in truncated form on the site.

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