Datacide Twelve


release date: 20 October 2012. 68 pages

Datacide: Introduction
Darkam: The Art of Visual Noise
Nemeton: Political News: Surveillance and Control; Update on the American Radical Right and the Tea Party Movement
Christoph Fringeli: Neo-Nazi Terror and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany
Cherry Angioma: Communisation Theory and the Question of Fascism
Christoph Fringeli: From Adorno to Mao – The Decomposition of the ’68 Protest Movement into Maoism (extended book review)
Split Horizon: Control and Freedom in Geographic Information Systems
Riccardo Balli: “Bolognoise ain’t a Sauce for Spaghetti but Bologna’s Soundscape”
Polaris International: What is Polaris International?; Another Aggressively Stupid Berlin Biennale 7 Provocation; Email Intervention
TechNET insert:
Noise and Politics – Technet Mix
No More WordS
Listener as Operator
The Intensifier
No Stars Here
Here comes the all pervasive ghost mob
Techno: Psycho-Social Tumult
Dead By Dawn – Explorations inside the Night
I..N..S..I..D..E T..H..E.. N..I..G..H..T
Psycho-Social Tumult (Remix)
Dan Hekate: Kiss me, cut me, hurt me, love me
Howard Slater: Useless Ease
John Eden: The Dog’s Bollocks – Vagina Dentata Organ and the Valls Brothers (interview)
Neil Transpontine: Spannered – Bert Random Interview
LFO Demon: When Hell is full the Dead will Dance on your iPhone (Review of Simon Reynold’s “Retromania”)
Christoph Fringeli: “Fight for Freedom” – The Legend of the “other” Germany (extended book review)
Nemeton: “West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California” (book review)
Datacide: Press reviews
terra audio: 2023: A Spor remembers ‘Reclaim the Streets’
John Eden: Christopher Partridge: Dub in Babylon (book review)
terra audio: Jeff Mills: Violet Extremist
terra audio: Keeping the Door of the Cosmos open – on Sun Ra’s Arkestra directed by Marshall Allen
Record Reviews by Nemeton, Kovert, Zombieflesheater, John Eden
The Lives and Times of Bloor Schleppy (12)
Comic by Sansculotte


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2 thoughts on “Datacide Twelve

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  • G. Dunnington

    Having just read the article from this issue by Cherry Angioma posted today on the website of, I am extremely pleased and excited to see a radical way out of the “millenarianism,” as someone else nicely put it, of communisation “theory.” Here in the [San Francisco] Bay Area, the awe with which this comparatively new ideology is regarded has become quite irritating. I regard it as merely another expression of the impotence of presently anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist currents, who seek magical solutions to the present crisis, which is also our crisis. I look forward to reading the rest of you publication(s) with hope and interest. I should mention that I am no stranger to this milieu myself, as I have been a member of Point Blank!, Collective Inventions (in all but one of its incarnations) and the recently self-destructed Collective Reinventions, as well as having conducted my own projects under the names International Friends of Wei Jingsheng (1984-95) and Antimatter (2005-present). My piece “The Meaning of Tiananmen” can be found in truncated form on the site.

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