Polaris International – Email Intervention

Subject: BB7: The case of VOINA – artist anarchist nationalist group from Russia
Sender: polaris@strike2012.com
Date: 06.04.2012 13:47

Dear friend,

I am Mr. Oleg Vorotnikov (Vor), the head of the file department of VOINA here in Moscow, Russia. In my department I happened to discover a sum of (11,000,000;00 EUR – Eleven million Euros) in an account that belongs to me personally. The money has been received for Co-Curating Berlin Biennale 7 (please see more information on this issue and a public statement here on BB7 website).

It is therefore upon this discovery that I have now decided to make this business proposal to you and release this money. [Read more →]

Polaris International – Another Aggressively Stupid Berlin Biennale 7 Provocation

INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN ACTIVITIES (sic) and its “Gentrification Program”

Eight hundred kilometers upstream from Kinshasa, on the river Congo, the Institute for Human Activities mobilizes the modalities of art production and launches a five-year Gentrification Program. The opening seminar of this program takes place in a specially created bamboo settlement in Congo and investigates the gap in criticality that arises in the transfer from the zone of artistic production to the zone of reception. At the same time, it is the kick-off of the actual process of gentrification. http://www.berlinbiennale.de/blog/en/projects/a-gentrification-program-by-institute-for-human-activities-23006

The proposition for the “Gentrification Program” features this imagery:

Any thinking and feeling person would be insulted by such imagery. Another “provocative artwork”? [Read more →]

What is Polaris International?

POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited is a transnational Real Estate Advisory Agency dedicated to merging the gaps between Art, Business & The Government in the year 2012.
Real Estate & Culture
We combine economic pursuits with the cultural sector, and provide consultations in both Cultural Policy and Real Estate Investments. At the same time, Culture provides the ultimate weapon to preserve society as it is, but this is only possible through a constant artistic renovation executed by the Creative Class. [Read more →]