What is Polaris International?

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POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited is a transnational Real Estate Advisory Agency dedicated to merging the gaps between Art, Business & The Government in the year 2012.
Real Estate & Culture
We combine economic pursuits with the cultural sector, and provide consultations in both Cultural Policy and Real Estate Investments. At the same time, Culture provides the ultimate weapon to preserve society as it is, but this is only possible through a constant artistic renovation executed by the Creative Class. (Contrary to Richard Florida, POLARIS acknowledges the role subcultures and bohemians play in this process). Such strategies have been practiced by Governments and Businesses worldwide: examples range from CIA funded export of abstract expressionism in the times of unrest in the United States of America to labelling acts of social unrest “Art”. Which ones? Get in touch or read more for cost-free bites of invaluable information…
The Category of Art
Today, the form Art takes is not so important – what remains important is to preserve Art as a category in itself. Now, this might sound twisted for many of our investors and partners, but, in the year 2012, we hope to introduce you to a road of clarity that leads into this complex but extravagantly rewarding praxis.
Distinctly European Agenda
Only with the existence of Art, along with a set of “middle class” cultural values attached to it, can we improve our cities faster than ever. Have you seen how quickly a city quarter famous for its cultural vibrancy becomes all new and friendly? You do not need to look far: New York, London & Berlin are just a few examples. Here we must emphasize our commitment to work internationally, but with a distinctly European agenda.
Art as a disguised Commodification
In short, POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd. contacts the right institutions with the right businesses. We don’t differentiate between small and big: for us business is business. Our focus and specialization is on properties in or around hip cultural spots of our cities, AND with belief systems/lifestyles that fulfil us in a long term. Through propagation of Art and its exceptional commodity feature we make your ends met: don’t hesitate, get in touch for specialist advice if you have data inquiries or a specific project proposal.
Alternative Lifestyle
You are right, our business is not popular with everyone. Let’s take squatters, for example. They are illegally housed in some brilliant investment possibility and pay no rent. Or consider that grumpy young couple protesting increasing rents in some run-down and ugly housing estate. But leave it to our cultural specialists’ advice: although they might seem aggressive, nevertheless it is the alternative lifestyle that might prove to be our road to success. It’s the first link in a chain leading to a big bite – and POLARIS has the answers for you.

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