2023: A Spor remembers ‘Reclaim the Streets’

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outskirts of the city constantly expanding – areas spring up from fields – arrow-straight roads across a flat, sparsely burnt vestige of burnt codices – and ships to the rural areas, ordinary marine highlands – a shallow sea rolled on years ago – span of exited valley – broken image frames the years and centuries click by – wind whirling up the sand surging and undulating – householders manufacture the old traditions of the highlands to create workers in childhood days before the pleistocene granite –

two weeks before, cleared acres, built access roads, the sprawl of buildings moved outward from the sampling of rural time built of magnified spheres, bits of light – the people gathered – become a city, a vertical city, the fossilised community – modern highly industrialised state – they shop, they see each other, and over the years towers with their plazas deaden the east side, for example – the mayor recently visited to discuss marketing a slow process in decline – result of exhausted population – of more immediate concern is that they tore down storefronts replaced them with some developers view – cold enclosing architecture – air of images of the area under every nail –

1950s buildings – a telephoto compressed street – more than a hundred dancers, fireworks, sculpture – „it’s terrific“ said of the arrangement, those who walked the streets had no reason to be conditioned for an environmental adventure – the environmentalists are only following orders – any nonsense could be justified any absurdity rationalised – the endless subjects of a military education – strategy and tactics – mob psychology – basic miracles – semantics developed rapidly –

down the streets a cop in a van – sunlight interplayed shadow in long luck of timing – messages – smoke rises – swirls break up spinning – hazy dreams – cellular constellations – warm air swirls gently –

continuous sound of some music box revolution – magnetic tape, spools of elasticated fuzz charged with static electricity – frenetic piano music – bass rumble of ground sonic – spontaneous action – departure from the machine-tooled conventions – telepathic hookup – formation e – changing speeds – apparently random courses – wandering the streets – moments set apart from all other moments – eyes ticking instinctual frames – slow proteins – walking slowly to an exit at the end of the walkway – down mud tracks past smoking slagheaps – „There’s not a minute to lose. Let’s get out of here“ –

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