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EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS is a 364-page A4-size tome collecting the complete editions of datacide issues 1-10 with introductions by Flint Michigan, Christoph Fringeli, Nemeton, and Dan Hekate.

Previously available from datacide_books, now again from Molehill Publishing. ISBN 978-3-948332-01-3

A unique compendium of material, most of which has been out of print for many years, charting a one-of-a-kind history of the counter-cultures associated with electronic music and free festivals. Compiling the complete issues from datacide one to ten, this tome is a unique source of information and context featuring articles, interviews, reviews, graphics, DJ charts and more in the original layouts. Everything has nevertheless been carefully edited for typos and minor errors, retaining the complete content as well as the original look and feel of the original issues.

“The free space of the party met the free space of the page and then you got a dynamism that encouraged expression and perversions and tangents because the covers held it together as a nomadic movement and you were convinced that music had catalysed it all and that music was somehow inherently political as it sidestepped rhetoric and dogma, and absented us from control addicts and the free space of the page was a kind of historic party, a kind of invisible college, a launching pad for driftage.” Flint Michigan

“Post Media Operators”
Interview with Cavage and record reviews

Read the introductions:

Pasolini vs. Makavejev

Of course most of the contents of the datacide issues is available digitally on this site, but the original layouts convey an essential aspect of the underground press that datacide was and is part of.

New Age Policing
The Child of Marx and Coca-Cola


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