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19-06-2015 – Praxis and Concrete Cosmos present Aural Extremisms at K9, Kinzigstr. 9, 10247 Berlin.

Talks and Screenings from 8pm: Introduction by Christoph Fringeli on current Datacide Projects and 23 years of Praxis.

Screening of “Nothing Essential Happens in the Abscence of Noise” Praxis Records documentary by Silvia Biagioni (screening starts 9pm).

DJ Controlled Weirdness: “Journeys in the Naked City – A Psychogeography of Dancing in the 1980s and early 90s” (talk) & discussion.

From 11pm: Live & DJ sets by DJ Controlled Weirdness, Nemeton, Darkam, D!NAM!K, Destrooy aka Dubdub, Ari Nev, Aekre. Visuals by Sansculotte.

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Die Berliner Krise Kommt!

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concrete cosmos
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ZGK / S 38
Scharnweberstrasse 38, 10245 Berlin


This is a Soli Party which means a fundraiser for various print projects connected to Datacide, the magazine for noise and politics, which has been exploring the overlaps and frictions of radical (anti-)politics and electronic music since 1997.

With our fundraisers we have always followed the course that we aimed at finding a happy balance between providing exclusive, exciting and in many cases incredible international and local acts, covering at least their travel and other expenses as well as providing a fat sound, and the aim of funding our radical media projects.

The next projects will be:

  • DATACIDE FIFTEEN. The next regular issue of the magazine will be out in October 2015. Articles and contributions are being assembled now and we’re excited and confident that the upcoming issue will be another killer. Since 2011 we have published Datacide on a yearly schedule. At the very least we intend to continue this, but we have more in store: Books, a German edition, and we would like to increase the frequency of publication.
  • BERLINER KRISE. We are currently preparing a – kind of – German edition of Datacide. We have been based in Berlin since issue number 10 of Datacide came out. We’ve been very active, organising numerous parties, events and a couple of successful conferences, but we feel that the „missing link“ is a German language publication. BERLINER KRISE will be a 12-page A3-size newspaper which will feature translations from previous issues of Datacide, German language „versions“ of articles as well as exclusive content.
  • Datacide Book: EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS. A complete reprint of Datacide issues 1-10 in one massive volume with new introductions and an index. We decided to do a thorough edit of the original layout and find a balance between correcting mistakes and improving readability one the one hand, retaining the original vibe and look and most importantly the complete content of the original issues.

All these projects are scheduled to appear in the next 2-5 months. For this we need money and support.

TRÜBE AUSSICHTEN FÜR DIE BOURGEOISIE at ZGK is our next party. If you are in Berlin, come and join us. If you’re not able to attend, but you want to support our projects, please consider a donation or take out a subscription to the magazine. Paypal address: Buy Gador Alprazolam, subscriptions cost EUR 15.00 – or more at your discretion – for 3 issues incl. shipping to anywhere in the world. More information can be obtained by writing to the same email address.


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Datacide will be present at the Radical Bookfair taking place May 9, taking place at 47/49 Tanner Street, London SE1 This is only the third radical bookfair and this year (like last year) it will be teaming up with the Alternative Press gang to takeover appropriate spaces for 130 exhibitors, author events, book awards, workshops and more.

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SAXENHAMMER ( ( this set will be different from the NoiseAngriff-set on wednesday the 4.3.)
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