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Timetable of Datacide Twelve Release Event 20-10-2012

See our previous post with flyer and details of venue.

Doors/Bar open 6pm

7pm: Datacide – introduction to the new issue by CF

7.30: “Electronic and experimental music in Asia and Africa” by Cedrik Fermont

8.30: “2012 IS THE SEASON FOR TREASON: An Assault on Establishment Culture in Germany” by the OKK Team Chus Martinez, Francisco José Avestruz & Otto Karl Kamal

9.30: “On the Map – Control and Freedom in Geographic Information Systems” by Split Horizon

Each speaker is briefly introduced by Nemeton, and each talk is hopefully followed by lively discussion.

Party starts at 11pm
23:00 – 24:00 datacide dj squad

24-24.40 Key

24.40-1.40 Amboss live

1:40-2;40 Dimentia live

2:40-3:40 Split Horizon live

3:40-4:40 Xanopticon live

04:40 – 05:40 LFO Demon dj set

05:40 – 06:40 H-Kon dj set

6:40 – end datacide dj squad


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