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We’re happy to announce the start of a new series of talk and discussion events hosted by Datacide and next:now at Vétomat Berlin.

The first event is hosted by next:now as part of their Strategies to Resample the Future series on Friday December 7. The second will be hosted by Datacide on Monday December 17.

Buy Liquid Xanax OnlineXanax Bars 2Mg Buy

Strategies to Resample the Future #3

“As the future is not prescribed, and the succession of now and tomorrow is not monolithic or determined, our task consists in distinguishing the layers of futurability that lie in the texture of the present reality and in the present consciousness. (…)
The present depression (both psychological and economic) obscures the consciousness that no determinist projection of the future is true. We feel trapped in the tangle of techno-linguistic automatisms: finance, global competition, military escalation. But the body of the general intellect (the social and erotic bodies of a million cognitarians) is richer than the connective Brain. And the present reality is richer than the format imposed on it, as the multifold possibilities inscribed in the present have not been wholly cancelled, even if they may seem presently inert.”
Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi – Futurability – The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility (2017)

In this third episode of our exploration of the intersections between possibilities and potency, we will be in the hands of two skippers that really cannot fit in the ordinary: both musicians, both visual artists and both synesthetes.

Eugenia Monti
Buy Xanax Strips
Matthieu Bourel
Cheap Xanax Bars

Friday, December 7, 2018

discussion. book table. drinks


Wühlischstr. 42
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

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Buying Xanax Online Cheapest

Buying Xanax Online Bluelight

Datacide again took part in the London Radical Bookfair on June 2nd, taking place at Goldsmiths University. Where To Order Xanax Online Forum

Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires

Friday 10th of November h 19:00

@ Vetomat
Wühlischstr. 42  10245 Berlin – Friedrichshain
Tram M13 Wühlischstr./Gärtnerstr
S-Bhf. Ostkreuz oder S-Bhf. Warschauer Str.

Strategies to resample the future

„Once upon a time, pop‘s metabolism buzzed with dynamic energy, creating
the surging-in-to-the-future feel of periods like the psychedelic
sixties, the post-punk seventies, the hip-hop eighties and the rave
nineties. The 2000s felt different. (…) Instead of being the threshold
to the future, the first then years of the twenty-first century turned
out to be the ‚Re‘ Decade (…): revivals, reissues, remakes,
re-enactments. Endless retrospection. (…)“
– Simon Reynolds – Retromania (2011)

„In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life
presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything
that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.“
– Guy Debord – Society of the Spectacle (1967)

The past seems to be a main topic in these days.  Where is the border
between transmitting knowledge and being stuck in nostalgia?
Is it still possible to influence reality? If yes, what is doing the
job and what else could be imagined to be adequate and effective?

A talk with:

BK Bostik (CP/01 Contropotere)

Christoph Fringeli (praxis/datacide)
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Order Xanax Online In Usa

Purchasing Xanax In Mexico

Marat „Falloutboy“ (Audiomassive)
Xanax Tablets Online
Buy Xanax Vietnam

Mark Harrison (sp23)
Bluelight Xanax Online

Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap

Xanax Online Italia

Datacide has a stall again at this year’s Anarchist Bookfair in London.

This year’s London Anarchist Bookfair will be on Saturday 28th October from 10am to 7pm.

Venue: Park View School
West Green Road, London, N15 3QR
The Bookfair is open to the public and free to attend. There are no tickets and no need to book, just come along. Progammes will be available at the door, suggested donation £1.