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Fundraiser for the printing of Datacide 11

NOIZE CREATOR (suburban trash, dresden)
GEROYCHE (ruff-e-nuff, chemnitz)
NEUROSIS ORCHESTRA (sprengstoff, berlin)
WARLOCK (rag & bone, london)
STAGGA (rag & bone, wales)
D.I.S. (ruff-e-nuff, chemnitz)

DJ SCUD & CHRISTOPH FRINGELI (ambush/praxis, london)
BASE FORCE ONE (datacide, praxis)
ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (sonic belligeranza, westerwald)
AMBOSS (subversion, berlin)
NEMETON (darkmatter, los angeles)
GVK (martel en tete, bruxelles)
CANNIBAL BROTHERS (zhark int., berlin)
TRAUM-A (x-traktor, berlin)

SANSCULOTTE (clash of the titans, berlin)

Ziegrastr. 11 Berlin
Start 22Uhr till late
7 Euros / 9 Euros with datacide 10 purchase


Get Alprazolam Online