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Autonomous Print Creations – Some Reviews from Alien Underground 0.1 (1995)

Published in 1995 in Alien Underground 0.1 (1995!! – so please note that almost all if not all the addresses of the reviewed publications are out of date, so don’t send cash or cheques, we leave the addresses as references only!)
…these print creations are cultural noises, small unexplained pockets of activity, interference to the flow of the mainstream, easy to ignore but hard to fully grasp or define…
ANIMAL LIBERATION. DEVASTATE TO LIBERATE? OR DEVASTATINGLY LIBERAL?>>>Devastating examination of the Animal Rights movement and of single issue politics in general, about how people’s identities are moulded by the politics of groups that claim to be fighting oppression , but that ultimately adopt hierarchical structures and a mind numbing conformism to their own brand of ideological correctness. Clear class struggle analysis throughout bringing the realisation that those that base their identity on their opposition to the status quo have a vested interest in the maintainence of that system>>>£1.50 from BCM Signpost, London, WC1N 3XX.
THE BANNED LECTURE. GILLES DE RAIS. BY ALEISTER CROWLEY>>>Most amusing publication of the Beast’s banned lecture that was to be delivered before the Oxford Poetry Society in February1930. Crowley thoughtfully questions the myth of Gilles de Rais, notorious alchemist and child murderer, and in doing so provides a wonderful study of church and state suppression of knowledge that threatens their power. “When people scrap battleships in the name of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, it means that they have found battleships useless and too expensive, and that they have found something cheaper and more deadly”>>>Chronos Publications, BM Chronos, London, WC1N 3XX.
THE BATTLE FOR HYDE PARK: RUFFIANS, RADICALS AND RAVERS, 1855-1994>>>Setting the scene for Hyde Park battles, accounts of rioting from 1855 to the very recent skirmishes>>> Published by Practical History, 121 Railton Rd., London, SE24. Enclose an SAE.
BIKE NOT Issue 2>>>Bike zine for people who don’t. Essential Critical Mass coverage ( Critical Mass is a once-a-month gathering of renegade cyclists in Central London who do battle with the forces of Carmaggedeon and reclaim the streets for the Gods of fun and frolics). Plus lots of stuff about going nuts for nuthin’ and demonstrating what happens to the mind when it’s been ten years on the dole>>>Costs money, approx 50p to 56A Info Shop, 56 Crampton St., London, SE17
CONTRA FLOW Nov/Dec 1994>>>All the radical news and information you could possibly want, anarcho politics thrown in as well. Reports on Northern Ireland, JobPlan, McLibel Support Campaign, World Bank and other targets of anarchist anger. Also has a calendar of subversive events that you can participate in>>>SAE to 56A Info Shop, 56 Crampton St., London, SE17.
FATUOUS TIMES Special fatuous noise and politics issue>>>Fatuous polemic for schizoanalysts and a declaration that THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE RIDES AGAIN. Starring… The London Spy, transported all the way from 17th Century Grub Street; Picto Simulism, a new magical system for the masses; Public Energy, fast hard celebratory critique of ravers; In Doctrine Nation, halucinatory comic strip; perverted graphics from the House of Homocult; Dead By Dawn game; some notes on subversive party techniques; 10 things that you never knew about the Association of Autonomous Astronauts; informative article on self-publishing insisting that YOU make your zine>>>what are you waiting for? £1.50 from Institute of Fatuous Research, BM Jed, London, WC1N 3XX
THE HAWKEYE GILA ANCHORITE ADEPTS. MANIFESTOS OF THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE BLOOD-RED REVELATION>>>A delirious celebratory whiplash ride through the wick-dipping and clandestine suburban hinterland of wife-swapping and female foot fetishism-propaganda by deed! Retaliatory hexes, curses, imprecations-pagan ritual spoors, savage psychograms, encrypted graffiti-interlaced,writhing and seething-the return of the repressed-SICK BURN CUT-APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY>>>We strongly advise you, DO NOT read this pamhlet backwards: a magical £1.30 from PO Box 4570, London, SW11 2XH.
LONDON PSYCHOGEOGRAPHICAL NEWSLETTER No.8, Samhain 1994>>>Incredible revelations concerning Thomas a Becket, allegations that he was infact a muslim. From this we end up with the almost preposterous conclusion that the Royal Society is infact an invisible Sufi organisation. What other English institutions are really fronts for global Sufi domination? How does counter culture star Hakim Bey and his Sufi inspired theories of the Temporary Autonomous Zone fit into all this? Leading article is an excellent account of recent rioting pointing out their function as mock battles for the ruling class to watch and enjoy>>>We demand that you send your SAE to LPA(ELS), Box 15, 138 Kingsland High St., London, E8 2NS.
TechNET>>>Some kind of glorified techno flier passing itself off as a bulletin of the digital underground, argueing for techno as the locus of a new counter culture. Has too much bass gone to their heads? or are these pretentious scribblings encouragement for a tentative optimism, flight lines guiding us to a politics of desire, slippery messages concerning beautiful thought patterns possesed of the art of disappearance, theories of identity that liberate the soul in the dance of all possibilties. Ummm….they’re out there, somewhere(beyond words)>>>Available for an SAE sent to BM Jed, London, WC1N 3XX.
THEE DATA BASE>>>Psychic terrorism journal from Glaswegian outfit Thee Data Collectiv; kicking off with clippings testifying to global weirdness, trawled from the pages of the daily papers, next stop an excellent article on the current state of government space travel programs (neglects to mention any autonomous moves in this direction), moving on to explorations of mind control weaponry, and then swiftly passing through reports on Pollok Free State, Thomas Pynchon’s books, sexual perversity in Edinburgh and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Last stop a modest proposal for zero work societies and good old Abbie Hoffman steps in as prankster of the month>>>Whew… and all this for a mere two first class stamps sent to THEE DATA BASE, PO Box 1238, Glasgow, G12 8AB.
TOTALLY NORMAL>>>Third outing on paper for this zine that takes an inspired drift through Normsville UK…also located in this zone-comic strips cutting up New World Order Inc.; some amazing adventures and strong doses of disinformation; masterful one-liners applying resistance to routine boredoms; other noises waving at each other through the flames of discontent…ISOLATION IS A RETREAT TO DEATH>>>Grab it for a measly £1.50 from BM CRL, London, WC1N 3XX.


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