Pics from Datacide Launch in Berlin, Pt. 1 (Talks)

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Some pictures of the talks taking place at the Datacide Thirteen launch event in Berlin on October 12, 2013 

After a few introductory words from CF….

Jason Skeet talked about “…the Constructivist Moment…”

… from Russian Futurism to South London Speedcore (via 1975)”

At this point still filling up until about 60+ people attended the talks

Second session with David Cecil

who related and theorised his adventures…

… as an Accidental Activist in Uganda

CF asked Mark Harrison some questions…

… about the history of the Free Party movement

… and more specifically about Spiral Tribe …

… whose co-founder Mark is.

ALL IMAGES by Frank F., except the last one by Sansculotte

(click to enlarge)

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