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Zusumine has recently been outlawed in all known sectors of the outer worlds. The Inner worlds have always regarded any drug not taken anally to be illegal. For them, any human who didn’t participate in reverse enemas when partaking of their narcotics was forsaking God and should be Glasmorised immediately.
Many on the Glasmorised Row were happy to be there, they would much rather be slowly moleculised than lie forgotten for years in the Iso-boxes, 10 foot by 3 foot automated time condensers. The perpetrator would be suspended in time so that not only did he spend his sentence unable to move, but on reaching the end of his spell, would find that he was the same age he was when he went in. When I first heard this I thought it was unusually kind of the authorities; but I soon heard reports of the released convicts. In normal time the mind and body age together but after the Iso-boxes the two components will run on different clocks causing many ex-boxers to wander empty playgrounds looking for old women to fuck, their 22 year old cocks so large they can cause nothing but pain, some of them like the pain though and will do nothing but hunt down these one-eyed bandits.
They even form clubs with funds to help maintain their cunts to a high standard. With the technology they have now, everything can be repaired.
An old friend of mine had his brain repaired the other day. It was always malfunctioning or so he told me, there was an integral error or so the doctors had told him; he wanted to forsake his well paid job for the women he loved. A problem of this magnitude deserved the most up to date silicon surgery; he agreed.
Cutting into the forehead they would remove the brain and proceed to mash it with a potato masher (pristine stainless steel you understand.) After this they would bathe the brain segments in late night sports talk shows and editorials from the dailies.
Most doctors recommended it, they even had a Tomorrow’s World special, highlighting such monumental leaps forward.
There should be only one great desire, for every man, woman and child, from when they are born and you can’t fuck with this desire, not if you live in our land. The land that was never theirs despises them and all that they do and she knows they are her children. The boy never phones any more, too busy fucking those Zusumine girls so locked in their own world they don’t notice Jimmy dying to shove his flaccid cock into their dry junky pussys and its not against the law any more.
And the minister spoke “What use have we for these spoilt flaking pussys, they cannot bear men to work, these dirty women fuck the pointed dick of society with their despicable behaviour, we should commend these men for giving these vermin a real fucking.” And as he sat down the house cheered, and he wondered which of his daughters he’d fuck tonight.

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