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we have to leave, that much is for certain. whether its part of the great plan or not, this island is terminal – so rat.
[after a mysterious tip (origin unknown) and finding myself rum
maging around a dusty junkshop on an island within the ring-o-
fire, i finally came across the material i had long suspected
to exist1.
the true function of the Holy Grail.]
written by that satanic scoundrel Abbe Boullan who through his
research into astral sex combined with dubious contacts with
freemasonry and possibly a rearguarde splinter of the Knights Templer,became interested in the actual mystery of the H.G. and persuaded, by either promise of supernatural power or threat of curse, to get his grubby hands on the chalice and the connected ancient documentation. Boullan’s findings that the power of the chalice actually came from its harmonic capabilities and that these powerful resonances had the ability to effect matter,and believed that although the K.T.’s held it in high regard they actually never harnessed its power2. B. had many enemies and on getting wind of his possession they launched attacks both natural & super against him. aware of this threat B. installed safeguards and though he is proported to have died in a “terrible and mysterious fire” the chalice and papers were never recovered.
[what i had been led to find was a dance chart popular
in the fifties of foot movements (black and white
soles linked by arrows), with it an envelope contain
ing basic dimensional and material descriptions of
the H.G. and various other information all hidden in
the guise of a diary. it seems the son of B.’s
manservant was under instruction to rewrite the
information in his own style, and so on leaving for
this french colony kept the secret with him to the
grave, a secret to be unknowingly carried on by his
decendents. i gleaned from the owner of the shop that
these remaining decendents had been killed by kanak
aborigines pissed at the outside intervention, and so
all their belongings had come here. i payed and left
the island.]
[scratched onto the chart the words:container of all light-only]
being that there is no ‘god’ of any kind save the periodic table and its interactions, there is also no ‘heaven’ of any guise. there is only eternity. what form for this eternity then?, dust(to dust) or an informational matter? here at butech laboratories we have endeavoured to use valuable information gleaned in the recent past to establish a possibility of transforming human matter into a purely informational creation. we see this as the next step in our evolution, an evolution that we must have control over to prevent the possible ‘spading over’3 of our present civilisation.
basic principle: our bodies run on an electro-chemical system. your brain is the interesting bit everything else is wrapping. through the use of a highly sophisticated arrangement of synthesised and analogue sound in combination with a physically honest portrayal of these sounds4, produces a set of chemical triggers fired in a crescendo effect that results in a heat implosion leaving a knowledge shadow – your pure self, free from all physical dependencies, and therefore capable of universal travel5.
the planet will no longer be our prison.

1 a conversation i had with brion gysin and his medium friend eileen
garrett further backed up my suspicions.
2 rumours abound that while on tour in the middle-east, the K.T. suc
cessfully amplified the oncoming screams of attackers bouncing them
back in such a forceful way that hundreds fell dead before them no
doubt from shock.
3 Heaven’s Gate terminology. about 19 years ago a colleague of mine,
illiterate fuckwad that he was, read some of my coded notes and an
extract of the original manuscript and so with his simpleton under
standing started up a quasi-religion; the before mentioned Heaven’s
4 the dance movements from the chart, even though used only as a provi
sional guide, needed extensive redesign as the manservants son wasn’t
exactly twyla tharp. we also believe that the instruction to use the
black path goes deeper than merely for
movement but also for clothing /environ
5 no fear to those triple a’s, remember the
mind is your sexiest organ!

[please note: although butech laborato
ries are currently working on the
ideal tracks for ‘takeoff’ the up-
coming praxis release does not yet
contain ‘fullfuel’, though if your
quick, track two maybe enough!]


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