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These Laws: Up Yours! – Documents Relating to “Revolt of the Ravers”

Here we compile small number of documents – press clippings and flyers – relating to the article Revolt of the Ravers – The Movement against the Criminal Justice Act in Britain 1993-95 [1] from Datacide 13. Do you have documents relating to the events? If so please contact us at datacide (at) c8.com

PointLawscopy [2]
Tabloid paper for the ravers – or self-declared “Point of Sanity in the World of Bullshit” THE POINT with a anti-CJA headline (undated)


CJBDailyStar001ed [4]
The DAILY STAR frontpage headline of October 10, 1994
CJBGuardian001ed [5]
The GUARDIAN, October 10, 1994 (part of the front page)
AdvanceParty001 [6]
Press sheet for Advance Party fund raiser
AdvanceParty002 [7]
Advance Party info (first of three pages)
AdvanceParty003 [8]
Advance Party flyer
AdvanceParty004 [9]
Flyer for the July demo and info from “Building the Coalition Against the Criminal Justice Bill”
StopeTheBill001 [10]
Pressure on – Momentum Growing. Front of a 4-page flyer from the Freedom Network
ClassWarKeepItSpikey001 [11]
Class War declares: “Laws – They Make’em, We Break’em.
ClassWarKeepItSpikey002 [12]
and: Keep it Spikey
TechNet001 [13]
The front of the first TechNet issue was also dedicated to the CJB
BattleForHydePark001 [14]
Pamphlet by Practical History about the riotous times Hyde Park has seen
PraxisNL001 [15]
The first Praxis Newsletter announcing the first Dead by Dawn event which included an information evening on the CJB courtesy of Advance Party and SQUASH
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