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The Marketisation of Mass Education in England: A Brief History

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[This piece is an update to the article The Marketisation of Mass Education in England published in datacide fifteen.] “When it comes to K through 12 education (4 – 18 years old), we see a $500 billion sector in the US alone that is waiting desperately to be trans-formed by…
  • Release Date: 7 May 2016. 76 Pages. News: Datacide: Editorial Nemeton: Endless War; Infiltration and Agent Provocateurs; Surveillance, Control and Repression CF: Neo-Nazis, the National Socialist Underground and the State Jeff23: Why Do Refugees Want To Go To England? Features: Clive Acid: Towards a New African Fascism Multiculturalism, Immunisation and…
  • datacide sixteen Release Date: 17 March 2017. 72 Pages. Editorial News & Updates The Reverend: Education in England - An Update Marc Hekate: Keith Robinson Desert Storm Obituary Matthew Hyland: Notes from Non-Existence - Brexit vs. the Proletariat Features Alexia Elliott: Poisoned Fruit in the Walled Garden - The Alt…